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Tips For Growing A Successful Business

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A Successful Business
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Six-Word Lessons for Strength-Based Business Success

Kate Nugent Curtis

How to be a successful business

What Does Authentic Confidence Look Like?

Tips of business

1 Tips for growing a successful business. Start here: identify your greatest strengths.

Where do you excel and what are your greatest strengths? There is a deep reservoir of confidence waiting for you, all you need to do is acknowledge your strengths. Unfortunately, many people have never taken the time to identify their greatest strengths. Without self-knowledge, this reservoir remains untapped.

2 Tips for growing a successful business. Articulate your strength to become it.

When you are able to clearly communicate your strength in a consistent and concise way, you become better equipped to draw on that strength when you need it. Get a clear mindset and then complete this sentence: “I feel strong when…” Fill in the blank with your particular expertise or skill.

3 Tips for growing a successful business. Authentic confidence comes from realized goals.

Drawing on a personal strength to attain authentic confidence often starts with a goal. Set a goal, set your mind to achieve that goal, and then get after it. An accomplished goal will provide the visuals you need to reconnect with the feeling of success and will ultimately provide a greater sense of confidence.

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A Successful Business

4 Tips for growing a successful business. Must be recent, personal and great!

Acknowledge your strength and then own it. But make sure it’s recent. If you had to go back a number of years to dig up an old strength, reconsider what you have going on today, and how your life has changed. Challenge yourself to own a new strength today, and keep adding additional ones.

5 Tips for growing a successful business. Must be accessible and easily retrievable

If you could reach into your back pocket and pull out two or three words that would offer strength, what would they be? Write them down on a slip of paper and try it. The act of doing this will allow you to retrieve your strength when you need it. Soon you won’t need the paper. Visualize!

Success in the business

6 Tips for growing a successful business. Your strength-based approach to life

Bring your authentic confidence to work every day. When you walk in the door, anchor on a past excellence and let it drive you. Bring every ounce of your previous win to your potential today.What starts as a mindful practice will soon become a natural part of how you move through the world.

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A Successful Business

7 Tips for growing a successful business. Confidence is built over many years.

Confidence is defined as “firm trust.” It is not arrogant, boisterous or immediate. It is a quiet certainty that develops over time. All of your experiences, accomplishments, and even failures build the foundation of your authentic confidence. Imagine yourself walking with firm trust as you enter a new situation.

8 Tips for growing a successful business. Know yourself well. That is all.

The confidence that comes from truly knowing yourself is immeasurable. Through the years it has allowed me to reject other’s uninformed opinions about me. That is power. Spend time understanding who you are and where your strongest convictions lie, and you will never be lost.Strong confidence in self cannot be shaken.

9 Tips for growing a successful business. Never stop stepping up your game.

What does it mean to be content? Defined as a “peaceful happiness,” many people strive for contentment, but it can also be seen as stagnation. A quiet, peaceful, inertia. However, if you want to step up your game, tackle new challenges, and open up to new experiences in this life, I don’t think contentment is what you’re looking for.

10 Tips for growing a successful business. With authentic confidence, you cannot fail.

You find yourself saying “yes” instead of “no.” You raise your hand and say “I’m in!” Life becomes fuller and more meaningful. You get to the point in this mind game where you know you cannot fail.Because of what you have done, you know what you can do, and what is possible. When the opportunities come, you are ready.

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A Successful Business


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