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Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody

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summer fashion
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Summer is time of holidays, time for rest and travel! The sun, the sea, the mountains, the forests, at last! Most all people have their vacations in summer so maybe it is time for you also to buy a ticket, collect suitcases, take your favorite dog (cat, hamster, rabbit), leave the stuffy city and forget about business and cares! STOP! Are you sure that you are well prepared for summer season? Of course, first of all you should think about your health and buy important sunscreen and not spend a lot of time in sun but have you thought about summer fashion? Good suitable summer fashion clothes can help you to feel comfortable in hot summer days. So, what is must have in summer fashion for everybody?

We can start to describe summer fashion for women. Of course, the choice of women’s summer fashion is simply enormous. Women want to buy up literally everything. Bright patterns, juicy colors, unusual styles – all this in stores drives women crazy.

There are some basic things that can make women’s summer fashion bright and with many unlike looks. We can start with T-shirts. T-shirts in the girl’s summer fashion wardrobe must be at least five. With the help of this lightly expensive clothes, you can significantly dilute your summer fashion wardrobe. Base T-shirts must be monophonic and do not have bright ornaments in the form of ruffles, rhinestones and cut-outs.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 1
summer fashion.

summer fashion

It is impossible to imagine women’s summer fashion without skirts. It is desirable that you have a couple of them. For work you can choose a skirt made of silk warm color, but for walks you can choose either a denim mini or a tulle skirt. In summer you can safely wear bright and short skirts, the main thing is that in general your image is not vulgar.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 2
girls in skirts

summer fashion

Shorts – this is a real summer fashion trend of the season. Fashionable shorts should be for every girl. They are comfortable,  at the same time you look amazing, especially if your legs deserve a man’s admiration. For summer fashion time, shorts are definitely irreplaceable.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 3
a woman in shorts

summer fashion

The virtue of summer sundresses lies in their ease. They are sewn with air fabrics, in which our body feels comfortable, despite the unbearable heat. And they look colorful, bright and pretty. Any woman in summer fashion dress evokes pleasant emotions.

A cocktail dress is necessary in the summer fashion, as you will have to meet with friends over and over again for dinner. Yes, and discos is an important part too. In such a nice dress you can easily charm any guy without problems. So be sure when you buy it for yourself.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 4
a woman in dress

summer fashion

In the summer fashion wardrobe, jeans and classic trousers should take their place of honor. In a skirt not always and not all days it is comfortable to walk. And with jeans everything is completely different. For summer, buy them of thin material. You can choose strict jeans, without active ornaments. And you can buy jeans for a couple of sizes more with huge ragged holes, complement them with a white T-shirt and you are the queen of the street.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 5
women in trousers

summer fashion

Summer fashion is impossible to imagine without bathing in the water. And it does not matter whether it’s the sea or the nearest river, what important is that you can not do without a swimsuit in the summer fashion. Choose unusual swimsuits and do not be discouraged if your figure is far from perfect. A summer fashion wardrobe for overweight women can be very beautiful either. Just buy a swimsuit, paying attention to your figure and comfort.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 6
a woman in swimsuit

summer fashion

Even in the summer, our weather can not boast of stability. We have long ceased to amaze heavy rains in the summer fashion season, hail and a significant drop in temperature. But what if the thin and short things are unrealistically cold. It’s enough just to stop risking your health and when it’s cold in the summer to wear a trench coat. This stylish raincoat will become a reliable protector from the wind, rain, and, accordingly, will save you from cold and fever.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 7
women in coat

summer fashion

For summer fashion, you should prepare a large number of accessories. Bracelets and earrings should be worn on you every day. The more and more interesting they will be, the more stylish you will look. Choose accessories from natural materials.

It is naturally difficult to imagine a summer fashion wardrobe without glasses. There must be at least three pairs of them: a classical form and those that you like. Just remember that the glasses should be of high quality. The cheaper accessory you will have, the worse will be your image and eye health.

One bag for summer fashion, too, is not enough. One – for recreation and hikes on the beach, the other – for travel, the third – for work, the fourth – a small clutch for romantic walks under the starry sky.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 8
accessories in summer.

summer fashion

In a good summer wardrobe should be a considerable amount of shoes. Stylish sandals with high heels can be worn not only for work, but also for a disco. Ballet flats with an open finger will help if your legs are no longer able to move on high heels. Sandals are suitable for tourist trips. By the way, they are perfectly combined with shorts. Well, slaps are irreplaceable when the sun shines in the street.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 9
women with shoes

summer fashion

The summer season makes think about summer fashion wardrobe not only the female half of the population. Men also want to look stylish and appropriate in this period. Male summer fashion wardrobe is very limited by different conventions and dress codes. And yet there are enough options.

Business men should have at least one linen light suit in their arsenal. Several lightweight classic trousers combined with a summer shirt will replace business suits. Whether to wear a tie in a hot summer is up to you. But still it’s worth it for certain events. Picking socks should be guided by the tone of the trousers and the texture of the shoes. To light suits, socks will fit for a tone lighter than shoes.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 10
a man in linen suit

summer fashion

Summer and shorts are inseparable things. Whichever vacation you like, no matter what you do, shorts must be present in your summer fashion wardrobe. From cotton, denim, different colors, length and cut shorts are sure to be useful in traveling to any man. In everyday life, you can not wear shorts, it’s too defiant. But in an informal setting, on vacation or on the beach is the best option. Although recently there were classic shorts that are offered to combine with casual shirts. Still, they can not claim a basic model for the office.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 11
men in shorts

summer fashion

Men’s jeans can be very diverse. But if we talk about jeans for the summer fashion, then of course it’s best to choose jeans from thin denim and light shades. Jeans in the summer can perfectly suit both in the office version and for everyday life. The main thing is to choose your style.

Shirts with short sleeves are created especially for rest. They are not worn at the office, they are not worn under a jacket. But for the resort, such shirts will be irreplaceable. They can be worn with shorts, trousers, jeans. An alternative to shirts with a short sleeve are Hawaiian. Those who wants to look prestigious even in shorts, it’s better to replace the T-shirt with a polo shirt.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 12
men in jeans

summer fashion

Beach men’s clothing plays with all the colors of the rainbow. Breaking out of the conventions and limitations of urban life, men come off in full. Motley Hawaiian shirts, shorts of shades of the exploded factory of colors, transparent jerseys and ridiculous sandals – all this is present in their summer fashion wardrobe. Leave for that and is intended to feel freedom in everything, including clothes.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 13
men in bathcloth

summer fashion

Men’s hats, in addition to their main function at different times played different roles, for example, acted as class or professional insignia. To date, the headgear of a variety of styles occupy a fairly strong place in the men’s summer fashion wardrobe, hats and caps are acting as fashionable and original accents, giving any form of elegance to ease. There are different kinds of hats and they all can find their owner. You can find such as hat-panama, hat trilby cap,  cap hat, baseball cap and many others.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 14
men in hat

summer fashion

With shoes it’s easy – for everyday wear suits loffers. Unconstrained moccasins can be worn in the office, along with light classical half-beats. Sandals are shoes for the beach and outdoor recreation. And if you put them on in the city, then forget about socks. Men who lead an active lifestyle will need light sneakers or keds.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 15
men shoes

summer fashion

Of course, wen we choose clothes for ourselves, we can choose many variants. It is usually not so big problem for adults but it can need more efforts to choose children’s summer fashion. We offer you some different variants for your child and maybe this advice can help you.

First, imagine what your child’s summer will be like. Will he stay in the city, go to the camp on nature or do you plan a family vacation and a long trip? In different situations a child may need different sets of clothes. After all, even the summer is unpredictable, and a sunny day can turn into a cloudy and cool.

Finally, by purchasing summer things, pay attention only to natural materials – lungs, from breathing tissues that will not deprive the skin of a child of oxygen on hot summer days. Cotton and linen are the best kinds of materials for making children’s summer fashion  clothes. They will allow the skin to breathe, hypoallergenic and do not cause irritation.

In order to go on a picnic or a hike, the child will need comfortable loose clothing, which will not hamper his movements. An excellent solution is to purchase a knitted sports suit – a set of trousers and a jacket with a zipper. You can supplement it with a T-shirt or a light knitted sweatshirt with elongated sleeves. If you like camping near the water or hiking with an overnight stay in nature, then in the summer fashion wardrobe the child must necessarily have a windproof and waterproof windbreaker, for example, acrylic, polyester or membrane fabric.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 16
kids summer fashion

summer fashion

Headwear is an integral part of the children’s wardrobe for hot days. The head of the child should be reliably protected from the scorching sun, because overheating of the body is accompanied by no less unpleasant symptoms than hypothermia.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 17
kids in hats

summer fashion

To relax on the beach girl will need: a colorful swimsuit, T-shirts, shorts, cotton leggings and, of course, bright light sundresses. The boy’s beach kit is swimming trunks, shorts, T-shirts.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 18
kids on the beach

summer fashion

It is difficult to imagine a children’s summer fashion wardrobe without T-shirts with original prints. Beetles, fruits, animals, palm trees, bizarre characters – all this must necessarily settle on summer T-shirts.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 19
kids in shirts

summer fashion

Of course, there is no bad weather for nature, but there is weather, when it is necessary to warm a little for going out to even in summer. A thin trench coat, a raincoat or a windbreaker will save the child from the cold on a rainy summer day or while walking on a cool evening. Advice:  to make a child not be capricious if necessary to put on outer clothing, he or she should like it. The original set of a bright cloak and rubber boots for sure will please the child.

When the temperature outside the window changes dramatically, a sweatshirt decorated with unusual ornaments will become your salvation.

Finally, summer is a season of wedding celebrations and graduation, and any little guest wants to look special on a holiday. Therefore, in the summer fashion wardrobe of your child must be dressed in a set of clothes. For boys, it’s a true gentleman’s suit: light trousers, a shirt and a matching jacket. Well, the girl should at all look like a real princess and wear lush dresses decorated with colorful bows, rhinestones or a bright print.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 20
kids at the wedding

summer fashion

In order for little children to distract from such serious matters as an ambush behind a tree or watching fish at sea, so that moms do not worry about rubbed calluses, beaten fingers, cuts and waiting at the bottom of sea sea urchins, they need to worry in advance about the minimum set of shoes.

Keds and summer light sneakers have long been fond of children of all ages and not without reason. This shoe should be light, with an elastic sole, protect the leg of the baby from injuries during games. Summer fashion sandals have lightweight sole, natural materials, leather insole (now also made of chevron leather), a design that allows the child’s leg to feel comfortable all day and breathe. Beach shoes are represented by beach sandals, slates (slaps). Every parent knows how good it is for a kid to walk on pebbles and sand barefoot.

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody - photo 21
kids in shoes

summer fashion

Summer fashion clothes is light and free. Nowadays summer fashion is so various that people have hours to choose what they really need. Everything is beautiful and has its own style. Summer fashion can be a good way to express yourself because you can find really big amount of clothes that can be good for any occasion. If you want to look fashionably, you don’t need much clothes but the way how you combine them will show your real taste. Summer fashion can be really funny when you see cute dresses on little girls and it can raise your mood for a long time. Choose your own style and you will always feel comfortable during summer days!

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