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History of Tattoos

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Nowadays, people try to make their bodies more beautiful and extraordinary with different methods. It depends not only on clothes but what these people can show without some clothes, accessories, and hairdoes even. It is what stays with us all our lives. Tattoos. Where does this tradition of painting your body come from?

Actually, tattoos have a long history because they were made on people’s bodies not only for pleasure and beauty but to depict different events in their life. A long time ago they were very important and significant. Here are some facts about the history of tattoos.


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The earliest tattoos come from ancient times

As different archaeologists and scientists say that the earliest tattoos come from Egypt, Livia, China. Of course, parts of bodies with different ornaments were found all over the world and they all have their history.

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It was popular to make tattoo on different parts of the body


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Different tattoos showed people’s status

There were different reasons why people depicted their bodies. In ancient times, people showed their status and history of their families. If there were tattoos on your body, then you were considered to be noble. But not all countries thought so. For example, in Rome people used tattoos to show thieves and slaves. Different tribes, for example, Mayori from New Zealand, made tattoos on their faces because the face was always seen by everybody. They called their tattoos Moko. They were like masks on the whole face. According to their traditions, if a dead warrior had that mask, his head was cut off the body and saved like the honor for a tribe. Some Japanese people made tattoos on their faces to show their marital status, the number of children. That happened even so if a woman without tattoos gave a birth to a child, this child was killed immediately. Because tattoos showed their fertility. But according to Japanese geishas tattoos were like clothes for them because the whole body besides the face, palms, feet were covered. It was easier for them to take off clothes because they didn’t feel so naked. There is a worldwide fact about USSR tattoos of criminals. They showed their protest against government and status in the jail. They were so popular that there were some encyclopedias.

For what?

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Olive Ann Oatman got tattoos on the chin from Mohave tribe

Of course, in most cases, tattoos showed people’s status but also they could show punishment that people got. In Japanese province, Chukudzen criminals got one stripe on their forehead for the first crime, second for the second and third for the third. There is a very famous story about Olive Ann Oatman who was captured and enslaved by Mohave people. It was a Native American Tribe. She was with her sister but her sister was dead because of hunger but Olive lived with them for four years. When she was returned to normal life, she had special blue stripes on her chin. They showed she belonged to that tribe.

What do we have now?

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People have freedom of tattoos nowadays

Of course, all these horrible times passed and we have freedom of tattoos. Nowadays will say what kind you can have. It is your own choice. There are so many different saloons where you can get what you want. The main difference is that you have to pay money for your individuality.

Anyway, it is your own choice what to do with your body but you should think more than one time whether you really need this picture on your body and how it will influence your future. No doubt all people understand that tattoos will live with them all life and they can get rid of but it can be very painful. There are no “for” or “against”, it is only your choice that can show your inner world.

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