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The Death of the Romanovs

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the death of the Romanovs
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In 1918, one of the greatest crimes of the 20th century was committed in Yekaterinburg.  The Bolsheviks killed Emperor Nicholas II with his wife, children and servants. At night of July 16-17, 1918, the royal family and their confidants were shot in the basement of a house in Yekaterinburg. Because of what the bullets bounced off the princesses, for which the Bolsheviks were accused of occultism and why the Russian Orthodox Church still does not recognize the authenticity of the remains of those who were killed? These secrets we will try to reveal. No doubt, the death of the Romanovs became one of the most terrible events of those times.

As is known, on March 14, 1613, in the Ipatiev Monastery near Kostroma, a solemn rite of vocation to the kingdom of Mikhail Romanov took place, putting an end to the Time of Troubles in Russia. So began the dynasty. After 305 years, in the Ipatiev House in the Urals, the Bolsheviks secretly executed the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II Romanov with his wife, heir, daughters and a retinue. The dynasty was over. The death of the Romanovs was planned. The identical name of the monastery and the house of execution, immediately apparent, can hardly be considered a coincidence, a grimace of history.

The Death of the Romanovs - photo 1

The death of the Romanovs. Ipatiev House

The Provisional Government exiled the royal family to Tobolsk. The Bolsheviks who had seized power could easily have killed the Romanovs and the death of the Romanovs was not a hard task for them.  However firstly, they were taken to the Urals. There are many buildings in Yekaterinburg. But for some reason, the house of engineer Ipatiev was chosen as a prison. He explained to the investigator later that he had acquired it in early 1918. In April, the Ural Bolshevik Council “temporarily requisitioned” this house. There is a version that Ipatiev made a purchase specifically to give a symbolic name to the building where the grim murder soon happened. After all, he was well acquainted with the influential Commissar of the Ural Council, one of the organizers of the execution, Petro Voikov, whose name still bears the metro station in Moscow.

So the Bolsheviks carried the royal family from Tobolsk to a concrete house, specially surrounded by their arrival with a high fence. Did the prisoners themselves know in which prison they were put? From the diary of Emperor Nicholas II (17.4.1918): “Yakovlev handed us over to the local regional commissioner, with whom he three of us got into a motor and drove along empty streets to the house prepared for us – Ipatiev house. ” From the diary of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna (04/18/1918): “Wednesday. House Ipatiev.

The Death of the Romanovs - photo 2

                       The death of the Romanovs

At about 12 o’clock in the morning, Yurovsky, the commandant of the house of the special purpose himself woke up those arrested and demanded under a certain pretext that the Romanovs and everyone who was with them should go to the lower floor. The Romanovs stood up, washed, dressed and went down. The Tsar Emperor carried Alexey Nikolaevich on his hands. The investigative authorities are convinced that the pretext under which Yurovsky lured the Romanovs to the lower floor of the house was supposedly a departure from Yekaterinburg, that is why the Romanovs were in top dresses. Nobody besides shooters could imagine that day the death of Romanovs would happen. They carried pillows, and Demidova [the maid] carried two. Waiting for the arrival of the crews, the Romanovs asked for chairs, three chairs were served … The Emperor and Alexei Nikolayevich sat down, and Botkin was standing next to him [leyb-medic]. Behind them, the Empress and three princesses stood. To the right of them stood Kharitonov [the cook] and Troupe [chambers-footman]. On the left – Demidova, and then behind her one of the Knyazhon.

The Death of the Romanovs - photo 3

the death of the Romanovs

Alexei was sitting in the left corner of the entrance of the room and it was said to Nicholas II that his royal relatives and friends, both in the country and abroad, tried to free him, and that the Council of Workers’ Deputies decided to shoot them. It seemed that the death of the Romanovs was an important task that concrete time. He asked: “What?” and turned his face to Alexei, at that time he was shot and killed on the spot …After that, according to Yurovsky, indiscriminate shooting began. The room, although was very small, but all, however, could enter the room and carry out the shooting in order. But many, obviously, shot through the threshold, since the wall was stone, then the bullets began to ricochet, and the firing increased when the cry of the shot was raised. When the shooting was suspended, it turned out that the daughters, Alexandra Fedorovna and, it seems, the maid of honor Demidova and Alexei, were alive … Then they started shooting (to have less blood shot at the heart area). Alexei remained seated, petrified, but was immediately shot dead. And the daughters were shot, but nothing came of it, then one of the people launched a bayonet. Even with the help of the bayonet, it was not possible to pierce the “precious” corsage of the girls in which they sewed the family jewels and then they were shot shooting at the head. But of course, unfortunately those people would make everything that the death of the Romanovs happened that night.

The Death of the Romanovs - photo 4

the death of the Romanovs

After the execution, all the bodies were loaded into one truck and sent to the abandoned Ganina Pit mines in the Sverdlovsk region. There, at first they tried to burn them, but the fire would have been huge for all, so it was decided to simply throw the bodies into the shaft and throw in the branches. Then all had understood that the death of Romanovs was not the only one task for them.  However, it was not possible to hide the incident – the very next day rumors about the death of the Romanovs and what had happened at night began to spread around the region. As one of the participants of the firing squad admitted later, forced to return to the place of the failed burial, the ice-cold water washed away all the blood and froze the bodies of the dead so that they looked as if they were alive.

The Bolsheviks tried to approach the organization of the second burial attempt with great attention: they pre-cordoned off the area, the bodies were again loaded onto a truck, which was supposed to transport them to a more reliable place. However, even there a failure awaited them: after a few meters of the way, the truck was firmly stuck in the marshes of the Piglets Log.

Plans had to change on the go. Part of the bodies was buried right under the road, the rest were filled with sulfuric acid and buried a little distance away, covering the top with sleepers. These tracing measures have proven more effective. After Yekaterinburg occupied the army of Kolchak, he immediately gave the order to find the bodies of the dead. Nobody wanted to forget the death of the Romanovs. However, the judicial investigator Nikolai Sokolov, who arrived at the Piglets Log, managed to find only fragments of burnt clothes and a cut off female finger. “That’s all that remains after the death of the Romanovs,” wrote Sokolov in his report.

It is a well-known fact that not only people were killed that terrible night. Besides, the members of the royal family had a lot dogs and cats. Some of them stayed with their masters until the last days. The French bulldog Ortipo of Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna, the little dog Jimmy of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Jimmy (according to some data, the lapdog, according to others – the Japanese breed) went to exile behind the Urals together with the Romanovs. They took with them the cocker spaniel Joy, the pet of Tsarevich Alexei.  The heir to the throne, Alexei, had also the cat Kotka. Kotka was a gift from the commandant of the palace of General Voeikov. In such a difficult situation for the family of Nicholas II, the crown prince in 1917 expected separation from her meowing pet. On departure to a distant exile, Kotka had to be left in the empty palace, along with other cats.

The Death of the Romanovs - photo 5

the death of the Romanovs

The French bulldog Ortino was the favorite dog of Princess Tatiana Romanova, the daughter of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II. Ortino was executed along with other members of the royal family on June 16, 1918. When, many years later, the burial place of the Romanov family was found, the skeleton of little Ortino was found among the remains. Of the three dogs that belonged to the royal children, who were on the night of July 17 in the Ipatiev house, only one survived – the spaniel Joy of Tsarevich Alexei. He even managed to ship to England, and he lived his days at the court of King George, cousin Nicholas II.

Besides, there were some doubts about reality of happened events. Is it true that the remains of the royal family may not be their remains? Some people say someone could survive and hide. And the death of the Romanovs was just a fake.  It is excluded. On January 23, 1998, the Prosecutor General’s Office presented to the government commission under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov a detailed report on the results of a study of the circumstances of the death of the royal family and people from its environment. The document cited the results of various examinations – historical, microosteological, ballistic, trace, forensic, anthropological, molecular genetic, and others. And the general conclusion was unequivocal: all died, the remains identified correctly.

The Death of the Romanovs - photo 6

the death of the Romanovs

On July 18, 1998, the members of the royal family were buried in the Yekaterininskiy chapel of the Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg.  After the remains of Tsarevich Alexei and Grand Duchess Maria were found in 2007, most of the examinations were conducted anew at a more modern level.

So many people asked why the Romanovs were killed. Of course, there was a reason for the death of the Romanovs and it was not made of nothing. Essentially, the decision was not only expedient, but necessary and the royal family was a victim of the principle that constitutes the axis of the monarchy: dynastic heredity. The extermination of members of the House of Romanov not only destroyed the legal basis for the restoration of legitimate power in Russia, but also connected Leninists by mutual responsibility.

However, it is obvious – no one could doubt in the rights of the heir to the throne, Tsarevich Alexei Nikolayevich. A living heir, in spite of his illness, would personify the legitimate power in the troubled Russia. In addition, together with the accession to the rights of Alexei Nikolayevich, the order of succession, destroyed during the events of March 2-3, 1917, would also be automatically restored. It was this option that the Bolsheviks were desperately afraid of.

The Death of the Romanovs - photo 7

the death of the Romanovs

Shooting without trial of the king, his wife, children, including minors, was another step in the path of lawlessness, disregard for human life, terror. With the help of violence began to solve many problems of the Soviet state. The Bolsheviks who unleashed terror themselves often became its victims. The burial of the last Russian emperor eighty years after the execution of the royal family and the death of the Romanovs is another indicator of the inconsistency and unpredictability of Russian history. No doubt, it was a big tragedy and unfortunately nobody could influence it. Therefore, the point in the tragedy of the royal family, most likely, set. But, unfortunately, family and the tragedies of millions of other Russian families that followed them left our modern society almost indifferent.

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