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The Most Unusual Dogs

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3 Pomeran Boo
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Among the huge variety of different breeds of dogs, there are also unique species that amaze with their unusual appearance.
Some are familiar to us, but some seem extraordinary and extremely exotic. Be that as it may, any dog is beautiful and deserves attention. Let’s get acquainted with the most unusual breeds of these wonderful creatures.


The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 1
1 Azawakh dog
The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 2

A breed that originates from Africa. At first glance, it may seem painfully thin, but this is what distinguishes it from other dogs. Azovak’s hindiness is a sign of health, and it is explained by a long habitat in a desert area. This dog is considered a hunting dog, for several centuries it has accompanied nomads during their travels through the deserts, guarded cattle and sent along with people to hunt.

Azawakh gives the impression of a very tall dog, but in reality, it is not quite so: the average growth of the representative of this breed is about 67 cm. However, the dogs of this breed are getting less every year, and now there are less than 200 individuals in the world.

Tibetan Mastiff

The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 3
2 Tibetan Mastiff
The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 4
Tibetan Mastiff puppy

The Tibetan mastiff is a loving, understanding and patient dog. Centuries of work with a man taught this breed to understand people very well. Dogs of this breed are fearless and devoted defenders. Their large size, as well as a 100-year history of breeding for protection, made these dogs beautiful guards.

However, the Tibetan mastiff is a defender with a character. Despite the fact that he is extremely devoted and loves to spend time with the owner, he is not always ready to obey, especially when he is sure that he is right. It is an independent and stubborn breed. The Tibetan mastiff is intelligent and has a strong sense of self-worth so that it should be treated as an equal, and not as a domestic animal.

Pomeranian Spitz

The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 5
3 Pomeran Boo

The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 6

There are three types of Pomeranian Spitz. Only one of them conforms the standard: dogs with a “fox” muzzle, they participate in exhibitions and become champions. But there are two other species, which every year become more popular: “baby doll”, it’s also “puppet”, and “teddy bear”.

Spitz-bear cubs got mad popularity thanks to two representatives: European Boo and Japanese Shunsuke. The first one has an account on Facebook (which is signed by 18 million people!), the second one – on Twitter, their owners daily delight fans of their pets with a variety of photos. The price for such adults reaches tens of thousands of dollars.

Peruvian orchid of the Incas

The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 7
4 Peruvian orchid of the Incas
The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 8
Peruvian naked dog

Perro sin Pelo del Perú – sounds beautiful and mysterious, and means only the name of the breed of dogs – the Peruvian orchid of the Incas, or – the Peruvian naked dog. As you can see in any photo, the Peruvian Inca orchid – the dog is surprisingly proportionate and very beautiful, however, the photos do not convey a small fraction of the whole charm of this ancient breed. Animals belong to primitive breeds and lived on Earth already in the third century BC. This date was designated by archaeologists working in Peru and Mexico, at the end of the last century.

Speaking of the nature of the Peruvians, one can not but note the similarity of their temperament with the Danes. Animals have the same equanimity, the same sense of self-worth, a love of comfort and a skeptical attitude to everything around. At the same time, they just as easily adapt to absolutely any lifestyle of their owners, are also incredibly smart and are always ready to make a company, whether watching a movie, hiking, attending an event or taking a long walk.

Swedish Vallhund

The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 9
5 Swedish Vallhund
The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 10
Vestgothian Spitz

The Swedish Vallhund was bred in Sweden to help the shepherds. One of the distinguishing features of these dogs is very short paws. Once the original breed was on the verge of extinction, but the breeders took care that the Swedish Vallhunds got more. Nevertheless, now it is quite problematic to get a dog of this breed because the number of Vallhunds is very small.

Swedish Vallhund, or as it is also called, the Vestgothian Spitz, is considered one of the native breeds of Sweden. This is the only northern short-legged dog. They have an excellent sense of smell that allows them to work “on the trail.” Swedish rescuers began to work successfully with this breed. With a small weight and size, a strong and clever Vallhund can examine a large area of blockages, work where a large dog will not pass.

Blue Thai Ridgeback

The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 11
6 Thai Ridgeback
The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 12
Blue Thai Ridgeback

If on the street you will meet a dog of amazing blue color, do not think that your eyes have deceived you. In fact, you are lucky to see a very rare and unusual breed – the Thai Ridgeback. Dogs are very graceful and beautiful, amazing with their exotic appearance and unusual, soft as velvet wool. Another feature – the ridge on the back of various shapes. Animals are athletically stacked, unusually agile and jumping. Thai Ridgeback almost does not molt and has no smell. The average size assumes a moderate intake of food.

Ridgebacks have a good intellect, they have a strong emotional attachment to the owner, and are always ready to protect him and their territory. Dogs have a thick and velvety voice, but the bark is very rare, so many owners confess that they have never heard the voice of their pet.

Bedlington Terrier

The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 13
7 Bedlington Terrier breed
The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 14
Bedlington Terrier

At first glance at Bedlington Terrier it seems that it is not a dog, but a lamb. This rather small, sweet and sociable dog is doing great with the children. They do not require a lot of care, but it is still necessary to devote time to such an unusual pet. If you treat Bedlington Terrier with indifference, he will behave not in the best way.

Bedlington Terrier behaves like a real gentleman, does not tolerate rudeness and cries. The breed can safely be called a small knight, who will defend his owners until his last breath. Dogs are very clean. They will not run through puddles and intentionally “climb into the mud.” They appreciate their dignity and impeccable appearance. In addition, the pet almost has no smell and is not susceptible to molting, so even the people with allergies can get the Bedlington Terrier.


The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 15
8 Mudi
The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 16
Mudi Hungarian Shepherd

Mudy is an ancient breed of shepherd dogs, home to which is Hungary. Like all shepherd dogs, Mudi is courageous, energetic and fanatical devoted to their owners. They do everything equally well – graze cattle, guard the house, guard the plot and protect the owner along with his entire family. Dimensions are medium, the growth at the withers varies between 38-47 cm, so they can be kept at home without problems.

It should be noted that, in addition to strength and courage, the Hungarian shepherd also has a sonorous voice. She barks at the first sign of threat and can, therefore, become a perfect guard. However, when living in an apartment building, it will create inconveniences for neighbors. Strangers, like all dogs with a developed guarding instinct, the Hungarian Shepherd does not like. Of animals, only those who have been used to it since early childhood are born.

African Wild Dog

The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 17
9 hyena dogs
The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 18
Аfrican hyena dog

The affiliation of African wild dogs to the dog family does not cause doubts, but it should be noted that they enter another subfamily than all known wolves and domestic dogs. Domestic dogs, along with wolves, coyotes, jackals, foxes, etc. belong to the subfamily of wolves (Caninae), and African wild dogs – to the subfamily of the so-called wild dogs – Simocyoninae.

The African wild dog is the second largest wild member of the dog family after the wolf. Their weight varies from about 17 to 40 kg. Differences in weight between males and females are insignificant. Everything in the guise of an African wild dog speaks of speed and endurance. Its constitution is dry and strong, its limbs are long and slender. African wild dog can develop a huge speed.

This is not only a very rare breed of dogs! African wild dogs are the only wild dogs on this list. Although some zoos are working on their conservation.

Catahoula Leopard dog

The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 19
10 Catahoula Leopard Dog
The Most Unusual Dogs - photo 20
Catahoula Leopard Dog

Catahoula Leopard dog is a passionate hunting master who is distinguished by his unusual coat color, which has the property of adapting to the colors of the environment on the principle of a chameleon. Also, this interesting breed with glass eyes in the descriptions is often endowed with such rare talent as the “sixth sense”. Dogs are great companions in sports, perfectly climb trees. To date, except the United States, these dogs are in small numbers distributed in the territories of Germany, Holland and the Czech Republic.

This breed is famous for its unsurpassed hunting qualities. Catahoula Leopard dog has a brilliant instant reaction, high endurance and a wonderful sense of smell. Hunting is its element, where it feels like a fish in the water! Depending on the circumstances and your attitude towards the animal – its character and temperament can change, adapting to each specific situation. An animal can become a loyal and reliable companion, affectionate and loving to children.


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