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The Vagina. Female Sexual Anatomy

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The Vagina
- A man with a seven-inch (18 cm) penis may proudly compare his organ to the average man’s five to six inches (12-15 cm) but be intimidated when learning another wields an eight-inch (20 cm) rod.

The Vagina

When people say vagina, they’re most frequently referring to the vulva, which is the proper term for the outer parts of the female genitalia (labia, clit, vaginal opening). The vagina proper is the muscular, nerve-lined canal that connects to the uterus and is central in reproduction. Vaginas don’t get loose from sex so lined canal that connects to the uterus and is central in reproduction. Vaginas (the vagina) don’t get loose from sex so dismiss that notion from your mind. Vaginal muscles (the vagina) are very elastic, and remain clenched most of the time. During sexual arousal, they ease up to facilitate reproduction and then tighten again afterwards. Women who have given birth usually take about six months to fully recover, and those in their thirties or older may struggle to regain the same tautness of vaginal muscle. You’ll frequently hear about the benefits of Kegel exercises for women. These work by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and are often done through simply flexing the same muscles that control the flow of urination and help lead to better bladder control over time. Many women claim strong pelvic floor muscles also increase their abilities to enjoy sex. More advanced pelvic floor training commonly involves the use of a “ben wa ball” or “jade egg”, terms for what is usually a smooth ball with a string that can be inserted into the vagina and worn throughout the day to strength the vaginal muscles (the vagina) while also providing subtle stimulation. Weights can be used to increase the resistance.

The Vagina. Female Sexual Anatomy - photo 1

The Vagina

The vagina becomes moist due to liquid secreted from the Bartholin’s gland as blood-flow increases during arousal. The extent that her pussy will get wet can vary on the day and is generally related to hormones, emotional state, and a variety of physical factors. This fluid is different from normal vaginal discharge (the vagina), which is the vagina’s daily method of cleaning itself by flushing out dead cells and bacteria. That’s what the stains on your girlfriend’s underwear are. Discharge is perfectly normal, though she may experience occasional changes in the character of her discharge that require treatment, such as during a yeast or urinary tract infection. Vaginas (the vagina) all smell different; if you enjoy this scent, pubic hair works well to entrap it and vice versa. If something smells significantly different than usual with your partner, you should delicately inform her.

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The Vagina

The Mythical Clitoris

Female pleasure: It all comes down to the clit. Women’s sexuality has historically been so unregarded and unstudied that we’ve only recently started to understand the central role of the clitoris in sexual pleasure. The human clitoris is the only organ known in the world to function solely for sexual pleasure. It contains around 8,000 nerve endings and can engage an additional 15,000 or so; for comparison the head of the penis has about 4,000. The diagram of the full scope of the clitoris shows that much of it is inside the woman’s vulva, as opposed to the traditional understanding of the clitoris as only the small head that is visible.

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The Vagina. Clitoris

The clitoral tissue is comparable to that of the penis, as it fills with blood and swells during arousal. The clitoral hood is equivalent to the foreskin; it’s a small flap of skin that protects the sensitive glans. When performing cunnilingus or giving her a handy, you may want to gently pull this flap up (pop the hood) to increase sensation for her. To do so, place your palm on her groin with your thumb just above her clit and pull up lightly with the thumb, you should see her clit become more exposed. For our purposes throughout this book, we will use the phrase “clitoris” to refer specifically to the glans…because I personally think that “glans” sounds a bit medical and that’s that. The external clitoris can vary greatly in size and is often a body image issue for women who believe theirs may be too large, a fun contradiction to men’s issues with the size of their equivalent sex organ. To continue the irony, larger glans are more likely to result in greater ease of orgasm.

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The Vagina. Clitoris

As misunderstood as female sexuality remains, at best we have to work off of the prevailing theories. To this end, our best current understanding is that almost all female sexual pleasure is derived from the clitoris, whether through direct stimulation of the glans or indirect stimulation of the iceberg beneath the surface. We’re going to be lovingly discussing our friend the clitoris a lot throughout this book, but the main points here are:

  • Many of those nerve endings are focused in the small glans/head of the clitoris, making it extremely sensitive. Handle delicately.
  • Many women have a specific “spot” or angle on the clit that works best for them; many claim that the upper right side of the glans is the most typically sensitive spot.
  • The clitoral network is responsible for almost all sexual pleasure a woman can experience (everything is connected).
  • In our attempts to make our sexual partners cum, direct stimulation of the clitoris our best hope. 80% of women require engagement of the glans to orgasm.

The Vagina. Female Sexual Anatomy - photo 5

The Vagina. Clitoris


Her two sets of “lips” protect her clitoris and vaginal opening. The labia majora are the outer folds of the external genitals, while the labia minora are what we most often think of as the pussy lips. Labia vary widely in size and shape, and are frequently a cause for body image issues in women. Cosmetic surgeons have remarked that labiaplasty, reduction and reshaping of the labia minora, is among the fastest growing cosmetic procedures in the world. The labia can be stroked and kissed, and remember that underneath the skin lies the “wishbone” of the clitoral network.

The Vagina. Female Sexual Anatomy - photo 6

The Vagina. Labia

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