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Travel as a Lifestyle

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Travel is like a way of thinking
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 Travel is a Lifestyle

“Only two things we’ll regret on deathbed – that we are a little loved and little traveled.”

© Mark Twain

Traveling is one of the most wonderful things in the world. Someone cannot imagine his life without travel, without new adventures and emotions, and someone is working hard all year round, just to go somewhere for a week and blow away from the bustle. We are all very different and this is normal. Everyone has his own approach to travel and rest. But it’s always nice to watch photos from travels, remember the bright moments that will forever remain in your memory.
In this article, we tried to discover the different aspects of travel, which will certainly inspire you! It does not matter whether you like to plan trips or prefer spontaneity, you will find here a lot of interesting information for yourself.

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Travel is a new trend! These are not important where you are traveling: to another continent or to a neighboring city. These are always bright emotions! Allow yourself to take risks, buy a one way ticket, and have a solo trip. Open your eyes wider and you will see a stunning world.

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Useful resources for tourists


Travel sites

Travel sites will help you prepare for the journey, find all the necessary information, read the reviews of experienced travelers. The Internet will tell you everything! We recommend using these sites:, where you can find accommodation in almost any country in the world based on your budget and wishes, TripAdvisor which will help you plan your trip, tells you where to stay and where not to stop. And of course, this is Momondo website, where you will find flights at the most favorable prices.

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Travel companies and organizations


Travel agency

Travel agencies can make your life easier! All you need is to come to the agency, talk about your desires and dreams and pay money. Professionals will do everything for you. Almost every city has a lot of travel agencies. For example, listen to the recommendations of your friends who have had such experience and can advise you the most suitable option.

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Trip consultant


Travel agent

The travel agent will be in touch with you almost any time. This is the person whom you should tell the type of your future trip, wishes and even fears in detail. Of course, such an individual approach will cost a lot more, but you have to pay for exclusivity.

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Special and thematic tours


Vacation packages

Vacation packages are very convenient thing! Of course, everything depends on your desires and financial possibilities. For example, you dream of having a shopping tour to Italy, and then you need to pick up the appropriate package. Or you want to have a family vacation, so you will be offered options from all available packages of this type.

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Inexpensive trips


Cheap vacations

Cheap vacations are gaining increasing popularity! More and more people are abandoning the services of travel agencies and assistants, and are planning to travel independently. You can find almost any information on the Internet, independently or book a hostel and apartment. Also, many travelers buy cheap tickets a few months before the trip, which significantly saves their budget. And more risky people go on trips with a minimum amount of money and do not plan anything. The main thing is emotion, not the cost of your trip!

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Flight tickets


Airline tickets

Airline tickets are usually very expensive. We recommend buying plane tickets a few months before the trip, so you will save a lot of money. Every year the number of budget airlines is growing rapidly, so do not be lazy and monitor tickets. And then you will definitely be lucky!

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Basic pleasures for travelers


All inclusive

All inclusive is a classic type of relaxation! Probably everyone knows this type of holiday. All inclusive deals offer customers a huge selection of countries, hotels and a price category. The essence of this proposal is that you pay once, but for everything. Plane tickets, maintenance, service, meals, hotel are included in this price. All inclusive vacations can be very interesting and different. Everything depends on the country and your travel agency. All inclusive resorts can give you stunning memories and a really good rest. You can choose for yourself the most suitable hotel, city, and country.

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The most popular all-inclusive destinations


All inclusive resorts

All inclusive resorts are suitable for people who do not want to plan their trip on their own or do not have time for it. Typically, this type of holiday is suitable for couples who will have a honeymoon and for families with children. The most popular destinations are Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, Cyprus, Sri Lanka.

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