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Traveling as a Test for Relationships

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Traveling as a test

The famous writer Mark Twain said: “The best way to find out whether you like a person or not is traveling with him.” Sounds very simple, but it does work. Sometimes people like to wear different masks, they hide their true character, habits, and personality. In normal typical conditions, you will never find the truth.

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Time for traveling

There are many cases when the best friends, who knew each other from the school desk, began to quarrel and swear, lovers who decided to spend several days in a new place, after returning home, broke up. Why? Every traveling even for a short time, can be a fantastic or horrible episode later. This is a very easy way to test yourself and others. We have prepared some useful tips that will help you to look by new eyes on you and your fellow travelers. So, how many secrets does your soul keep?

Real life interests

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Real life interests

Someone dreams to visit Italy to see the Colosseum, but someone wants to go shopping to the famous luxury boutiques and shops. Someone plans an active vacation and someone dreams of relaxing on the beach with a cocktail in hands.

We all have different dreams and goals and this is absolutely normal. Vacation is the best way to recognize what this concrete person wants from this trip, and what he includes in the sphere of his interests. If your friend often says that he can’t live without art and museums, but after your arrival, he immediately runs to shopping malls, you will understand everything in that minute. Or, for example, your fellow traveler has promised you so many things, you have built a thousand plans, and he changed his mind when you came in the place! Think twice about your relationships with this person. Most likely, this human is a deceiver and disrespectful to you. True desires very quickly revealed in the journey.

A true stress reaction

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Good emotions

The journey is not always good emotions, unforgettable moments and bright memories.

If you planned everything on 100%, you never know what will happen to the next minute. That is why you should think well with whom you want to start the traveling. Stress is the first thing people come across when leaving the comfort zone.

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Stressful situations can show the darkest or the best sides of a character. The way a person reacts to stress can explain everything. For example, you just arrived in a new city and you realized that your hotel canceled your booking. Because of this, your fellow traveler begins to scream or cry, so you can read the fear and discontent on his face. This is a very strange reaction in this situation. Moreover, some people will be happy to get lost in the jungle, because these are real adventures and life experience, not to mention such trifles as the problem with the hotel. Be ready to be surprised.

Your level of trust with this person

The level of relations of the best friends, lovers, family members or colleagues will be known after a joint traveling. Are you sure that you trust your boyfriend or girlfriend for a million percent? Take a joint traveling! Unfortunately, on the Internet, you can find many stories about how the young people were divorced after the honeymoon because this was their first joint traveling. Best friends can also quarrel forever. Okay, let’s not just talk about negative aspects. It often happens that people pleasantly surprise each other on traveling. New, beautiful character traits that previously were hidden for some reason were discovered. Traveling is not only negative but positive.

Moreover, it is an effective way to get to know the true level of trust between you. But do not call your friend, who is used to comfort and good hotels, on a round-the-world traveling with tents. In this case, your traveling will initially be doomed to failure.


In daily life, most often we discuss news, some working moments, gossip from the lives of others. Traveling allows you to expand the scope of such conversations. Very often people discuss deep philosophical topics or share the most private moments of their lives. About how a person wants to spend leisure time on traveling, communicating with other people and attendants, about what he says and asks what places he wants to visit, one can judge his horizon and inner world. As a rule, traveling is a great way to test yourself and your loved ones. If a person is boring for you, or conversely very active, this can cause problems in your further relationships.

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