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Trip to Sydney

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Sydney is the most famous and popular city in Australia. You will not find here a classical European spirit like, for example, in Prague or Vienna. But you will be impressed with these modern buildings, extravagant entertainments, and the unique flora and fauna will delight you. If you want to visit Sydney, be ready to spend your whole day on a plane with few transfers at different international airports. But all these efforts are worth it! You will want to stay here forever. By the way, Sydney is among the top twenty cities for life

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have a plane ticket and a reserved hotel room and in a few days, you will arrive in Sydney. What will you do there? We took care of everything and prepared useful and interesting information about this amazing city.

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Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia and Oceania

Our virtual journey is logical to start with one very important question. What is the capital of Australia? Is it Sydney? The answer is wrong. Unfortunately, many people during this time didn’t know that the capital of this gorgeous country is Canberra. Remember this if you don’t want to look like a fool.
Also, something interesting you need to know about climate. If we are talking about the climate of the city of Sydney, then immediately there are associations with beaches and the sun. A warm subtropical climate allows tourists to come to the Australian city all year round. Winters in Sydney are cool, but not cold – the air temperature very rarely drops below the 14 ° C mark. During the summer, the temperature of the thermometer is on average 26-30 ° C, but it can be as hot as 40 ° C. Winter in Sydney is the period from June to August, and here the summer is from December to February. And it’s not surprising that many European tourists go to Australia to celebrate their New Year holidays.

Trip to Sydney - photo 2
The Sydney Opera House in Circular Quay hosts more than 40 performances each week

Of course, we cannot help talking about the sights of Sydney. Probably the most famous and popular opera house in the world is in Sydney. Every tourist dreams of taking photos near this wonderful building. The Opera is surrounded by water. The architect of the legendary building was Jorn Utzon from Denmark.
The theater accommodates 4 large halls. The Queen of Britain Elizabeth II herself came to the opera house in Sydney to open the new building.
The Sydney Aquarium is definitely one of the best aquariums in the world and one of those places that must be visited in Sydney. Today in the aquarium you can see more than 650 species of marine life representing the Australian fauna – more than 6 thousand fish and marine animals! The main “bait” for visitors are two giant tunnels – one with sharks, the other with seals – through which pass special paths for people.
If you are not interested in popular tourist places you can go for a walk to many beautiful parks for the picnic. To get acquainted with the local flora and fauna, there is no need to visit the zoo. For example, when it is the evening you can watch numerous bats and opossums. Just look at the trees in the parks. Often in the parks, you can meet kangaroos and colorful parrots. But if you are very progressive and active person you can find many bars, luxury or cozy restaurants, and nightclubs. Sydney is a very modern city, so everyone can choose the most comfortable rest for themselves.

Trip to Sydney - photo 3
Sydney is one of the world’s most vibrant cities and is also a gateway to the rest of Australia. It’s exciting and vibrant

Someone will find here spiritual comfort, someone will be delighted with the local animals and nature, and someone will want to stay here forever. Sydney will not leave anyone indifferent because this is a city of dream. 

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