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Unforgettable Sex. Secrets of The Best Sex

How to grow Dick
unforgettable sex
- A man with a seven-inch (18 cm) penis may proudly compare his organ to the average man’s five to six inches (12-15 cm) but be intimidated when learning another wields an eight-inch (20 cm) rod.


Secrets of unforgettable sex

Women are not light bulbs: they do not get instantly turned on at the flick of a switch. They must first get aroused mentally before they start feeling physically ready for unforgettable sex. You need to stimulate her mind to make her open to sexual adventurism. This is done by engaging her primary senses: vision, sound, touch, smell, and taste; as well as recruiting her imagination to help her get into the mood.

Personal Hygiene

Secrets of unforgettable sex

The very first thing you need to do is make sure your body looks, smells, feels, sounds, and tastes good to her. Let’s face it: not even your loving wife is going to want to have unforgettable sex with you if you’re dirty, stinky, gassy, or otherwise not clean. Choking on your BO is not a turn-on. Take a shower before you start your sexy time, put on some deodorant, trim and file down your fingernails and toenails, shave or soften the rough beard stubble, and don’t forget to brush your teeth. While we’re on the topic of smell, go easy on the cologne or avoid it altogether. Gagging on that scent isn’t any sexier for her than smelling your stale armpit sweat. Lastly, avoid eating or drinking anything whose smell she finds disgusting—or foods that cause gas or burping. This means no asparagus, beans, or beer before unforgettable sex.

One exception to this rule: if you’ve literally just finished working out, playing sports, or doing some sweaty masculine task, you may not want to shower. Your fresh sweat has pheromones in it that may seriously turn her on; not to mention that watching you do something masculine can be incredibly arousing for her. An impromptu sex session post-workout might work really well for you two. (Even if it doesn’t, another easy way around this issue is to invite her into the shower with you. Getting clean together is a great way to get dirty together!)

Unforgettable Sex. Secrets of The Best Sex - photo 1
Make Your Sex Unforgettable

Unforgettable Sex

Some of the best, unforgettable sex I’ve ever had occurred in the shower, especially with the adjustable shower head that I could focus on my partner’s genitals. Yowza!

Change Your Appearance

Secrets of unforgettable sex

Changing your appearance gives variety to your lovemaking and helps combat boredom and familiarity. Grow your hair long, dye it, shave your head, grow a goatee, or don’t shave for a week. Changing your appearance triggers cheating fantasies with some women: it’s as if she’s kissing or making love to someone other than her husband. Seeing a strange face or head between her legs, especially when you role-play as an illicit lover, is highly erotic to many women. The absence or presence of facial hair, and the amount and location of the hair, gives your partner different sensations as you pleasure her. Having a moustache and goatee that are sufficiently long enough to be soft gives her a different sensation when you perform cunnilingus than when you are clean-shaven. Switch it up: be clean-shaven for a while and then alternate as the “evil,” unshaven you. She’ll appreciate it, not just for the actual change in sensation, but because the switch makes you look different. (Changing your appearance can also be emblematic of becoming a better lover. As you change your inner attitude, your look may change along with it. Even if you don’t see it that way, she might.)

Eliminate Distractions

Secrets of unforgettable sex

Get the kids out of the house. Turn off the phones. Put the dog in a kennel. Go to a cabin or get a hotel room (a nice one, not a cheap hourly dive). Whatever you do, make sure you won’t be interrupted. Your goal is to give your lover the best, unforgettable  sex of her life. Nothing should be allowed to intrude on this goal. This includes peeing and relieving yourselves before getting down to business. After all, you don’t want to have your lovemaking interrupted by bathroom breaks.

Make Her Feel Comfortable and Attractive

Secrets of unforgettable sex

Straight men don’t tend to worry about their appearance or self-image much. Women, on the other hand (even supermodels, movie stars, and beauty pageant winners), worry about theirs all the time. Their breasts are always too small, too big, too lopsided, or too misshapen. Their noses are always too wide, too big, too bent, too flat, or too whatever. In short, as a rule, no woman is happy with every portion of her body.

If she’s sensitive or self-deprecating about these parts of her body or self-image, your job is to make sure she knows you don’t give a damn about them. To you, she’s the sexiest woman in the world.

I’ve never met a woman who wasn’t unhappy about some part of her body while most straight men, including myself, think we’re just perfect physically, despite all the evidence to the contrary. (I’m always surprised to see myself in pictures: Who is that fat guy? What’s that bald spot doing there? What happened to my ass?)

On the other hand, my wife’s gorgeous and just looking at her face takes my breath away. But she obsesses whenever pimples break out and wishes she had longer legs or a flatter abdomen or a rounder butt. Back in the 80s, I had to talk one girlfriend out of getting implants because there was nothing wrong with her B-cup breasts. I talked another girl out of having her front teeth removed because she didn’t like how they looked.

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Make Your Sex Unforgettable

Unforgettable Sex

Don’t make fun of her or embarrass her. Never bring attention to her body unless you do so positively. If she farts (or queefs while you’re inside her), just grin and kiss her as if nothing happened. She’ll be embarrassed enough; don’t be the guy who ruins the moment (and her impending orgasms) by laughing at her shame or teasing her for something she couldn’t control. Women need to surrender themselves to their rising sexual tension in order to orgasm. If she isn’t comfortable, if she’s thinking about how fat she is or how much gray hair she’s got; she won’t be able to enjoy the moment.

You love her, right? Tell her! Show her! She’s still the same woman you married on that special, magical day. Regardless of what time, stress, and family have done to her body, it is your job to convince her she is perfect for you. Tell her that her breasts are always the perfect size for you, and that her face holds even more beauty now than the day you were married.

Tell her those things because you love her. Tell her you want to show your appreciation for all she has done for you and your family over the years. Tell her you want to treat her to the best orgasms of her life and are willing to spend hours, if need be, to do so. And then show her you mean business. Show her with your fingers, your lips, your tongue, and your time. Remember, you shouldn’t even care to climax in the process; all you should care about is her pleasure.

Carry Her

Secrets of unforgettable sex

If you can, carry her in your arms. Not every woman will feel safe with this, so be ready to put her gently down again if she prefers to get to the bedroom on her own feet. But there’s something primal and arousing for many women about being lifted and carried to bed by her man. It’s a masculine demonstration that can allow her to really surrender to her own passion.

Every Woman is Different

Secrets of unforgettable sex

Some women find leather to be a turn-on. Others like whips and chains, S&M, feathers, fur, scented candles, whipped cream, music, porn, foreign languages, food, role-playing, costumes, champagne, negligees, sex toys, sex games, being bound and blind-folded, and every other conceivable thing under the sun. Every woman has different tastes in bed.

Unforgettable Sex. Secrets of The Best Sex - photo 3
Make Your Sex Unforgettable

Unforgettable Sex

Your job is to find out what turns her on and give it to her. If you remember something that turned her on during your newlywed days, start with that. If you know of other things she loves, add those in. If you aren’t sure at all, start with something romantic and loving: candles, satin sheets, Barry White music, and/or a sexy negligee. Keep in mind that she may enjoy something she’s never tried before—so experiment, and try different things. Don’t be afraid to talk to her about it, even if it’s as simple as “Baby, I want to try something new tonight.”

Caution: Make sure you don’t do anything that will trigger painful memories or negative reactions. If you’re unsure how she’ll respond to something you want to try, be sure to talk with her about it first.


Secrets of unforgettable sex

To get her in the mood even further, remind her of an erotic movie she enjoyed or of previous times you two were naughty. Remember when you hastily made love in her parents’ living room? When you fingered her in the taxi and movie theater? When she gave you oral sex while you were still recovering from an appendectomy in the hospital? When the two of you stumbled across that couple having sex in the woods—and stayed to watch? Reliving moments like these are great ways to start heating up the current moment and getting her seriously turned on.

The “we-had-so-much-fun-back-then” events don’t have to be kept in the past. Bring them out and create new ones.

My wife loves Fifty Shades of Grey. She has the physical books, e-books, audiobooks, and movie. E. L. James has made a lot of money from my wife. I also love Fifty Shades of Grey, but I’ve never read the books or seen the movie—and most likely never will. I love it because, whenever I see my wife reading it, I know I’m going to get banged harder than Phil Collins bangs his drums.

Take Control and Use Safe Words

Secrets of unforgettable sex

For some women, no matter how independent or strong-willed they may be; having a “bad boy” take control during unforgettable sex allows them the relaxation and “permission” they need to surrender themselves to massive waves of orgasms.

Unforgettable Sex. Secrets of The Best Sex - photo 4
Make Your Sex Unforgettable

Unforgettable Sex

If your wife is one of these women, experiment with being more dominant and assertive than usual. Tell her in no uncertain terms what you want her to do. Give her commands. Hold her firmly and move her where you want her to go. Let her know you are going to give her the best, unforgettable sex of her life regardless of her feelings on the matter.

Taking this a step further, some women get incredibly aroused when placed in a situation where they’re helpless and can be sexually ravaged. Having a hand around their neck, having their wrists held or arms pinned down, being forcefully manhandled, even being bound or handcuffed and blindfolded, seems to produce intense orgasms for a great many women. Their helplessness allows them to surrender control and succumb to the stimuli they are receiving.

If you aren’t sure whether your wife wants to be controlled, dominated, or bound in the bedroom, but you think she might enjoy it; talk to her ahead of time. Let her know that if she needs that from you or is curious to try it that you’re right there to give it to her.

Also, let her pick a “safe word” for when she needs the control/ domination/bondage to stop. This word should be something she’s unlikely to say by accident or in the heat of the moment. “No,” “stop,” “don’t,” “please,” and “help” are bad safe words. The best safe words are actually nonsensical and nonsexual, like “potato” or “red rover” or “toaster oven.” Safe words like these work well because (1) they require conscious thought rather than unconscious reaction; (2) they allow her to use words like “no” and “stop” to fuel her fantasy and make her eventual surrender (and the resulting floods of orgasms during unforgettable sex) that much more titanic; and (3) they eliminate the confusion and interruption that happens when guys stop pleasuring their partners because the woman tells them “no” or “stop” and then gets upset because the guys stopped and the momentum for a massive orgasm was lost.

Role-Playing and Fantasies

Secrets of unforgettable sex

Remember how much fun it was being a kid and pretending to be “cowboys and indians,” “doctors and patients,” or whatever else came to mind? Why should kids have all the fun? Do you know what person or profession your partner admires? Call her that. Even better, dress accordingly. You can be the cowboy while she’s the lonely farmer’s daughter. She can be the exotic foreign exchange student coming to you for tutoring. If she finds nurses’ uniforms sexy, get an outfit and call her “Nurse.” If she has some resemblance to a famous celebrity, call her that if she enjoys it (e.g., “My sexy Salma Hayek,” “My hot Kate Upton”). If she finds Hugh Jackman attractive, let her call you “Hugh.”

Unforgettable Sex. Secrets of The Best Sex - photo 5
Make Your Sex Unforgettable

Unforgettable Sex

Don’t forget that your goal is to give her the best sex of her life. If she wants to fantasize that she is Salma Hayek who’s having unforgettable sex with Hugh Jackman at that moment, what’s the harm? It’s still you she’s having unforgettable sex with, not someone else. Men fantasize about having sex with other women all the time, why begrudge women the same right?

Another fun way to role-play is to wear a hat. It’s simple and inexpensive, but absolutely unique. The simple act of wearing a hat while making love makes it easier for her to enjoy an idealized fantasy about you.

Hats give certain impressions for unforgettable sex:

  • Cowboy hat: masculine
  • Balaclava: dangerous, criminal
  • Baseball cap: uncouth, rugged
  • Fedora: sophisticated
  • Beret: artistic
  • Hardhat: physical
  • Football helmet: athletic
  • Mortarboard: intellectual
  • Stetson, peaked cap, military helmet: authoritative
  • Beanie: childlike, mentally challenged
  • Deerstalker: detective, brainy
  • Pith helmet: adventurous, explorer
  • Toque blanche: chef
  • Santa hat: merry
  • Dunce cap: stupid
  • Camo hat: hunter, good provider
  • Hats are uncommon nowadays, so bringing them out sometimes during unforgettable sex or cunnilingus makes them especially exciting. This excitement triggers easier and more frequent orgasms.
  • Another great thing to do during role-playing is to speak with an accent. Jamie Lee Curtis inA Fish Called Wanda isn’t the only woman who finds hearing foreign languages to be an aphrodisiac. If you know another language, speak to her in it. If it has a pleasant tone and melody, like French or Italian; so much the better. Even if all you can say is, “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?” while nuzzling her neck, the sound alone may help the onset of an orgasm.
  • Pretend to be a particular person and speak accordingly. If you’re role-playing or wearing a hat, pretend to be that person. If wearing a cowboy hat, drawl and say something like, “Howdy, ma’am. I reckon you are in need of some serious lovin’ in these here parts.”
  • Sure it’s corny, but doing these things makes you fun. She will enjoy being with you since such things make her happy. If she’s happy, it will become immensely easier for her to reach her sexual peak.
Unforgettable Sex. Secrets of The Best Sex - photo 6
Make Your Sex Unforgettable

Unforgettable Sex


Secrets of unforgettable sex

Pornography is much more diverse than videos and pictures depicting people engaging in sexual acts. It can be found in erotic stories, novels, art, allusions, nonsexual objects (e.g., cucumbers, eggplants, mushrooms, peppers, radishes, trees), symbolism, and just about anywhere you look if you have the right eye for it. Some women love porn movies, some despise them, and some are indifferent to them.

Unforgettable Sex. Secrets of The Best Sex - photo 7
Make Your Sex Unforgettable

Unforgettable Sex

Bear in mind that the same woman who finds porn pictures and movies disgusting may become enormously aroused by reading a romance novel with graphic sex scenes. The same wife who thinks public nudity is a sin may find your erotic licking of a fruit a great turn-on. Use your personal knowledge of your lover to provide the best kind of porn or erotica to arouse her and get her ready for an amazing unforgettable sex session.


“ORGASMIC. An Illustrated Guide for Men on Sexually Satisfying Women”


Geoffrey Klepeis, Illustrator


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