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Extraordinary Look. Don’t Look Like Others!

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5. Lady Gaga
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What does extraordinary mean

No doubt that there was some situation when you see a very strange dressed person. Of course, you looked at her or him maybe for several minutes and then forgot. They have rather extraordinary look that can’t be understood by others. 

Extraordinary persons in the world

But those people see themselves in such extraordinary look every day and for them it is normal. Many men many minds and what can you say more? Society should accept people with extraordinary look because exactly they can bring new breath to the world fashion.

To look like nobody else is the main aim of many people and that is the reason they want to be different. Extraordinary look can make you really different. Of course, some people say that appearance with  extraordinary look is connected with their inner world: how they feel, how they look. It is 21st century now and we have the freedom of choice, words.

Unique looks

Mostly teenagers like to differ from others. You can often see them with pink, blue colors of hair, some bright clothes and just with many piercings and tattoos. But it is just a common look.

Extraordinary Look. Don’t Look Like Others! - photo 1

Most of the time, extraordinary look is connected with people’s occupation or just their hobbies and activities. Everybody has heard about such subculture as Goths. This way of expressing yourself has long history and traditions. You can easily define the representation of this subculture in the street because these people wear clothes of black, pink and grey colors and really expressive makeup where the face is white with black lips. They have a special view to this life and their mood is mostly bad and frustrated. It is very easy to distinguish such people in the crowd.

Extraordinary Look. Don’t Look Like Others! - photo 2
2.Andrey bartenev. Extraordinary look

But usually the not only group of people can have extraordinary look but also some separated people can create their own style. For example, there is one man whose name is Andrey Bartenev. He is a Russian artist and designer. He is very talented but at the same time, he has a very unusual appearance. He has really extraordinary look. He says that he creates his looks according to his inner feelings and nobody knows what he can feel tomorrow.

Extraordinary Look. Don’t Look Like Others! - photo 3
3. Luis Padron

One more extraordinary look is Luis Padron. This young man is like from a fairytale. He was obsessed with elves from his childhood and when he became older, he decided to create this fantastic world for himself. He made dozens of plastic surgeries and now his look is scary but magic at the same time.  Just look at him and you will understand!

Extraordinary Look. Don’t Look Like Others! - photo 4
4. Daryl Belmares

Everybody can be impressed by the biggest earlobes in the world. Daryl Belmares is the owner of them. It was funny for him but he made it not for short time. It was not so pleasant with times but now he looks really not like others. Of course, other parts of his face can also tell us some story of his personality. Extraordinary look is his life style!

Extraordinary Look. Don’t Look Like Others! - photo 5
5. Lady Gaga

Every day on many music channels you can see Lady Gaga. Everybody knows her. Nowadays her looks are more reserved than they were several years ago. She can put on such high-heel shoes that then she has problems with her feet or tries on some dress of meat pieces. Nothing is forbidden for her and it impresses the whole world. But anyway she likes extraordinary look.

People are designers for themselves. Some just want to become popular but most are just who they are. Maybe it is even very useful to learn from such people to make yourself who you are and never judge how you look. It is so interesting to make some experiments with your appearance, isn’t it? What experiments are you ready to make your appearance? Do you want to have an extraordinary look?

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