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10 tips for unusual trip

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unusual trip
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Every journey is always a new experience, bright emotions, and unforgettable memories. Many people prefer to go on bus-tours, buy “fire”-tickets for a vacation near the sea for 7-10 days in a year. Travel agencies make big money on this. But there is another side of travel – the truthful side. Maybe sometimes you need to plan an alternative trip without any contracts and documents with travel agencies? Some unusual trip? Perhaps all you need is your imagination, some money (but not too much) and freedom? If you always dreamed about a non-standard trip or you can’t care for it we prepared 10 effective tips.

Open your mind

First of all, you need to ask yourself what you need. Do you want to see the Egyptian pyramids or stay for a while in a small village in Norway or you want to see the ocean without people on the beach? Plan your unusual trip based on your desires and dreams. If you buy a ticket to Paris just because that’s what all your friends are doing, that’s the wrong way! Listen to your heart, it will show the right way.

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unusual trip

Forget about all inclusive

You’re not going this way! Forget all these five-star hotels, all-inclusive, animation teams and other things. Remember that a true unusual trip is not connected with these things. Try for once not to live in luxury hotels with three meals a day. Sign up on a or book a small cozy hotel. Feel the atmosphere of the new city in this way.

One way ticket

Of course, this can happen if you have a lot of free time or you have a job without an office and schedule. Imagine how great it would be to buy a ticket in only one direction! This is true freedom. Would you risk it? Try it, you’ll like it.

Waste money on emotions

It’s no secret that everyone likes to bring millions of souvenirs from another country. Popular magnets, toys, postcards and other trinkets. Most people do not know what they will do with all these things. They buy them because it’s a tradition. When you go on the next unusual trip, try not to buy a lot of souvenirs, which will be dusted at home. Invest money in real emotions and memories. Make unusual trip! You can jump from the height, go to a concert of your dreams or visit an amazing performance in the theatre, go on an interesting excursion. You will remember these bright moments for the rest of your life.

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Avoid the museums

The advice may seem absurd, but let’s think: when you are in a strange city, it would not be more interesting to know its contemporary than its past? People feel obliged to go to museums because they have installed this way of communicating with culture from childhood. But it doesn’t make your unusual trip.Of course, it’s important to go to the museums, but you must know what you want to see, otherwise, you will leave them with the feeling that you saw some very important things for your life, but you do not know what.

Communicate with locals

Do not hide in your hotel or hostel. It is not unusual trip! Go out into the streets of a new city, feel this spirit of freedom! Don’t be afraid to meet new people. Local with pleasure show you the way to the best bar, they will tell you where it is better and cheaper to eat and share other lifehacks. Having friends around the world is always very cool. They can give you unusual trip too.

Make a wish list

Before the new journey, make a list of your wishes. Be sure to write everything on a piece of paper and after the unusual trip check that it was done. Surely you read books about some wonderful places, or do you want to get to the square where your favorite scene from the film was shot? Write down your dreams and goals, so you will not forget anything.


Surely you’ve heard of this method of travel. It is also a kind of unusual trip. Perhaps you think this is very dangerous and scary? Not at all! It’s very fun, interesting and very, very cool. Just imagine – you go out on the road, lift your finger up and catch the car. This wonderful feeling cannot be described in words. Besides, this is a great way to diversify travel and meet new people.


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Turn off the phone

Use your Smartphone only to inform close people that you’re okay. Download beautiful photos on Instagram and Facebook will be later. You’re on vacation!And if you want to have an unusual trip, turn off your phone.  Relax from the social networks and all these news. Even after a few days of such a holiday, you will feel better at your unusual trip.

Go to the bars

It is there that you can see the city life. It is not about discos, but the places where local people meet, drink, talk about God and the Universe, and always open for conversation. Just buy a newspaper, sit with it and watch for those who come or go away. If someone wants to talk to you, do not refuse. Make new friends and not be bored! And have a wonderful unusual trip!

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