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Some Useful Tips You Should Know Before The Flight

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How to buy a cheap air ticket?

Most people think that air tickets are very expensive. This is the main reason why some of them find other ways to travel. But! Experienced travelers know how to save a lot of money on the price of tickets. They recommend planning the future trip. Try to buy air tickets 4-6 month before the journey. Moreover, turn your attention to the day, when you buy tickets. Most airlines reduce prices on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you don’t want to miss all the hot prices and offers, then subscribe to the newsletter by email or on Facebook. This is a very convenient way because you will receive instant notifications of promotions and sales.

How not to lose luggage during the flight?

Unfortunately, from time to time this trouble happens. If you never lost your luggage at the airports, then, our congratulations, you are a very lucky person! Of course, the end of the world will not come if you lose your stuff, but this situation is not very nice, right? Sometimes travelers forget to throw out the old marks on baggage with information about country and city destination. For example, someone visited Hungary at first and after two weeks planned a flight to France and forgot about these important stickers. As a result, airport employees may get confused and mistakenly send your baggage to another country. Therefore, please don’t forget to clean your luggage before a new trip.
But if you did everything right and your luggage is lost, one small thing can help you to get your things back more quickly. Before your flight, write your name, phone number and contacts (for example, phone number or Facebook page) on a piece of paper. In that way, airport worker will inform you immediately that your stuff has been found. It sounds very simple, but it can save your time and nerves if something goes wrong.

How to dress?

Forget about heels, dresses and other uncomfortable clothes. The main rule is the comfort. Even if you travel in summer, you need to know one useful thing. The temperature on board is seldom warm or hot. Especially if you have a ticket near the window. So, do not wear shorts and T-shirts, because you risk catching a cold. Better if you wear simple comfortable clothes. By the way, during long flights, the temperature in the cabin can vary, so it’s better to dress with “layers”. For example, a shirt, sweater or jumper. Do not forget to bring warm socks with you, so that you can take off your shoes and do not freeze.

How to return money for a spoiled flight?

Cash compensation is normal practice. Unfortunately, just a few passengers know about it. According to statistics, only 1 percent of the passengers know about their rights. First, you need to know the correct information about your future flight. Go to the Front Desk of your airline and employees are required to provide you all information. If the flight is delayed for two hours by the fault of the airline, you should be provided with free food and drinks. If you wait 4-8 hours, you should get vouchers or coupons for a free hot lunch at the airport food points. If you wait 8 or more hours, you must be taken to a hotel room and provide a free airport shuttle. And if the flight is canceled, the company is forced to pay you compensation in the amount of up to 600 Euros.

How to calculate time correctly?

Despite the fact that the Internet has penetrated all spheres of our life, many people still do not know about very convenient options. Why come to the airport 3-4 hours before departure? Of course, if you do not plan to devastate the duty-free. Go online check-in for the flight and save a bunch of precious time. Why stand in a huge queue, if you can register online? Almost all airlines have online registration, it can be accessed directly on the site, and even indicating a convenient place on the plane. That is why you can arrive at the airport 30-40 minutes before departure.

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