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Vienna: A Museum under the Sky

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Vienna is one of the most beautiful and charming cities in the whole Europe. It’s very hard to find someone who doesn’t like this adorable town. Vienna’s secret is very simple: an unforgettable atmosphere, nice people, cozy streets and, of course, historical buildings and places. Vienna is like a first love – you will never forget it. Everybody knows that this is a very expensive city. So what should you do here without money? If you don’t have so much money for luxury restaurants or hotels, which there at every step, Vienna will show you her true secrets. How to live here all day with a minimum budget? We have prepared for you some practical tips how to fall in love with Vienna without a bag of cash.

Vienna: A Museum under the Sky - photo 1
This is full relax

Street food

1, 95 – 6 €
Unfortunately, you can’t eat air. Every traveler knows: food is a huge part of the waste. Please don’t look at all these pretentious, luxury restaurants and people who are dining there. They have money, but you don’t. That is why you should find an alternative way. Burger King or McDonald’s? Come on, you are in Vienna, forget about this traditional fast food, besides you don’t have money even for this.

Of course, you can go to the supermarket and buy a small bun with cola, you will pay only 1 or 2 €, but where are the guarantees that you will not die of hunger? So, catch another advice! If you move slightly away from the historic center of Vienna, you can see many points with street food. Delicious hot dogs, sausages, garnish and even desserts you can find there. Yes, it’s unhealthy food. But you are on a journey! Forget about rules and diets. And if you are kind and sweet with the seller, he can make you a discount.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Price: 5 €
There are many unique and beautiful places in Vienna. It seems that the whole city is a museum, a real delight for the eyes.

Vienna: A Museum under the Sky - photo 2
I wish my eyes could take photos

Historical buildings, palaces, churches, monuments are fascinating at first sight. But there is one very special place, which is located in the heart of the historical part of the town. St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the symbol of Vienna. The southern tower of the temple is open to visitors. On a special elevator, you will rise to a height of 136, 44 m. Here you can look at Vienna from a height. It’s so easy and peaceful that time seems to be free. Below – crowds of tourists, and above – the sky. It really a magical and very special place. Enjoy the moment!

Housing, transport, and souvenirs

Price: 2 € – free
If you come to Vienna for a few days, then you need to live somewhere. Hostels here are expensive, so you need to look for other ways. Try couchsurfing! This thing really works. Carefully read the information in the profile of your host, and discuss with him all the conditions of residence. If you’re lucky, you’ll find free housing and new friends. In any case, you are always welcome to the railway stations 🙂 Also you can buy a train ticket or a bus and go to the next city. Night moving is not very comfortable, but you will save money and wake up in a new place.
Taxi, metro and even buses are too expensive here. So…walk! It’s not as hard as you think. This method is very useful for your body, and you can see a lot of amazing places absolutely free. Who knows what adventures await you on a walk?
Even if you have iron willpower, you cannot buy souvenirs. Ignore central stores and expensive points. Look for a cheap exclusive. Although, forget about this tip, because I bought a magnet for 5 €…

Coffee time or Starbucks one love

Price: 2, 95 – 7 €
Yes, yes, you are not mistaken. Despite the fact that many people think that Starbucks is very expensive and over the commercial place, coffee is excellent here. In the historic center of Vienna, there are two Starbucks. Find the coziest for you, take a large cup of latte and forget about everything. Feel the atmosphere of this charming city. Watch out for tourists and coffee house workers, look at the streets of Vienna through a large window. In addition, free Wi-Fi is here, so you can finally post your new photo on Instagram 🙂

Impressions, emotions and bright moments

Price: free
Forget about your status, money, and problems. You are a stranger here, and you can create a new story of your life. You can be happy in a very expensive city. Take off your shoes and feel the green grass under your feet, take a nap on the lawn next to the amazing Hofburg Palace with other tourists, fantasize about who you will give a rose in the famous Volksgarten garden, whether you have several thousand Euros. Take a billion photos, make friendship with a foreigner, walk away from the incredibly beautiful central streets to enjoy the beauty of other parts of the city, walk to the Belvedere Palace and be sad that you were born in the 21st century, wash your head in McDonald’s because you do not have money for a hotel or even the hostel, drink coffee on the steps of the parliament and, of course, open your heart for a new experience.

Vienna: A Museum under the Sky - photo 3
Amazing Belvedere Palace

All these things are free. Nobody says that “expensive” vacation is bad, not at all. Just do not be afraid to take a step to meet the real adventures and emotions that you will remember all your life. Real happiness is in your head, not on a credit card.

PS: The article is totally based on personal experience

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