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Best Ways to Lose Weight For Men

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New Love of Lighter Foods and Exercise

Eating more fruits and vegetables and moving more helped me lose 75 pounds! Ways to lose weight for men

By Jim Palmen Reader Digest Employee

I have worked for the world’s largest food and entertaining magazine for the past 15 years. Being creative director for creative marketing is the perfect fit for me but until the Comfort Food Diet, not all of my clothes were.

Over the years, I gained a few pounds here and there. Over time, it added up to more than 100.

After a long, hard day at work, I come home, eat an unhealthy dinner, plop down in front of the TV and think about what I wanted for dessert. It was an easy and sometimes delicious pattern to fall into. But my energy was so low that I breathed heavily just putting my socks on for the day.

I also found myself eating for two. I am a pretty thrifty guy, and I never like to waste food. So when my kids didn’t finish their meals, I was the first to help them out. That is the quickest way to pack on the pounds.

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How to lose weight fast for a man

With these habits, I lacked energy and felt tired all the time. I knew I was shortening my life because of my food choices and lack of exercise. I wanted to make a change; I wanted to have more energy and be able to enjoy life with my wife of 22 years, Lynn, and our two great children, Melissa and Mat.

The Comfort Food Diet Cookbook weight loss program was introduced at work at the perfect time for me. It was a good opportunity for me to stay focused, set goals and finally shed those extra pounds.

I wanted to commit to the diet, and that was easy when my co-worker, Widdy, served as my motivator. We had the same goal to live healthier lives and we used each other to stay motivated, share diet tips and walk at lunch. I had plenty of days when I almost lost focus, but I could always count on Widdy to keep me on track sometimes literally.


Ways to Lose Weight For Men 

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Ways to Lose Weight For Men

Ways to Lose Weight For Men

When I started the diet, I wrote down everything that I ate. I used the daily calorie sheets in the cookbook to reflect on my food choices, and it forced me to make smart decisions. I also ate more slowly. My busy lifestyle caused me to rush when I ate, and I would eat so fast that I consumed twice as much food as I should have. The food was unhealthy, too.

By slowing down, I actually tasted what I was eating. I discovered new flavors, and I started to eat things I never would have tried before.

Using better portion control also helped me understand how I had gained weight over the years. I purchased smaller dinner plates so I could eat smaller portions of food without realizing it. It was a psychological thing for me to see a full plate, no matter how big the plate was.

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Ways to Lose Weight For Men

Best ways lose weight

Now, when my kids don’t finish their meals, I take the leftovers for lunch the next day instead of doubling my dinner portions. I still allow myself to eat some high-calorie foods, but I combine them with healthier options. I have a bite of pizza with two bites of salad. I eat an apple and then have a cookie. And I drink a lot more water.

I drink a lot of coffee, too, so I know I am consuming my daily amount of fluids. But when I find myself craving a snack or feeling hungry, I drink a glass of water to ease those hunger pangs, and it helps.

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Ways to Lose Weight For Men

Ways to Lose Weight For Men

About three months into the diet, I had a wonderful realization. One morning, a huge crash came from my closet. The shelves on which I store my clothes fell to the floor, and my clothes were scattered everywhere. I decided to try everything on and get rid of the stuff that didn’t fit anymore. I ended up donating almost half of my clothes. They were too big!


Ways to Lose Weight For Men

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Ways to Lose Weight For Men

Ways to Lose Weight For Men

Diet plan for a man

On my path to better fitness, popcorn has been a key snack. My family munches on popcorn five days a week. We used to make it with oil in a pan and top it with loads of butter, but now we enjoy air-popped popcorn. And instead of real butter with tons of calories, I use zero-calorie butter spray and sprinkle on grated Parmesan cheese, spices or a bit of sea salt. (That butter spray is tasty on vegetables and toast, too.) Craving conquered.

Salsa became another good friend on the Comfort Food Diet. I was amazed by its added flavor on eggs or vegetables. The bonus: Salsa is free calories! I have learned to take advantage of free foods and eat the proper portions of them.

Another craving buster and free food is pickles. When I find myself looking in the refrigerator for something to munch, I dip into the pickle jar.


Ways to Lose Weight For Men 

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Ways to Lose Weight For Men

Ways to Lose Weight For Men

Another obstacle in my path was the ease of hitting the drive-thru on my way home from work. Most things on fast food menus are three times the portion a person needs, and they are high in calories. Grab a sugar-laden soft drink to go with your meal, and you have ruined your diet for more than just that day. If the drive-thru is your only option, however, look on the restaurant website for the best foods available. Most restaurants have nutritional information online, so you can abide by your diet and choose something you will not regret down the road.

Avoiding the drive-thru is easy if you get into the habit of preparing meals at home. It was easier to control portions, cook healthy choices and eat more delicious food.

Taste of Homes website also has great resources for planning meals. The Meal Planning Worksheet and Grocery List features allow easy shopping to plan a menu for the week. I definitely take advantage of these online tools.

Jim’s favorite low-cal snacks

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Ways to Lose Weight For Men

Ways to Lose Weight For Men


Ways to Lose Weight For Men 

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Ways to Lose Weight For Men

Ways to Lose Weight For Men

Fast lose weight for man

Overall, the Comfort Food Diet Cookbook helped me learn that healthy foods actually taste pretty darn good! The book has a great variety of recipes to choose from, and it helped me easily plan meals along my journey to weight loss.

The last six months of my weight-loss plan have had one recurring theme: set a goal. By setting big and small goals and continually setting new ones, I have lost 75 pounds. I also competed in two 5K runs and will run a third one soon.

In fact, I love exercising now. I consider it one of my hobbies along with going to baseball games and entertaining my friends and family.

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Ways to Lose Weight For Men

Ways to Lose Weight For Men

We even have a stationary bike as a permanent fixture in our living room now. Any time I am watching TV, I hop on and get a lot of exercise without even really noticing.

I have so much more energy to do these things, and I accomplish more every day since I lost so much weight. I am 48, and I feel younger than ever. Maybe 50 isn’t so scary!

“Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook New Quick & Easy Favorites”



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