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Wedding Make-Up. Dos and Don’ts

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wedding make-up
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It’s the best day of your life so you want to look amazing. Don’t do what I did and do your wedding make-up in 3 minutes and 56 seconds (long story)! Follow my dos and don’ts for a stress-free day. Oh, and congratulations!!!

The dos

DO Have a wedding make-up trial. Have it no sooner than 5 weeks before the big day. If you have your trial in January but the wedding is in July, your skin tone will be completely different. So 3–5 weeks before is ideal. If you’re doing your own wedding make-up, practise a few times first.

DO Wear a loose, white T-shirt to your wedding make-up trial (or a colour t-shirt nearest to the colour of your dress) This way you can see how the wedding make-up looks against the colour. (Oh, and on the wedding day, wear a loose t-shirt so that you don’t ruin your hair and wedding make-up when you go to put on your dress.)

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wedding make-up

DO Step into natural light after your wedding make-up trial. Take pictures with and without a flash. If your wedding make-up looks great in natural light, it will look great anywhere.

DO Prepare. By this I mean, if you’re going to have a fake tan, individual lashes or body waxing, don’t have them for the first time the day before the wedding. Trial them months before to make sure you like the look.

DO Have a massage the day before the wedding. This will relax you and let you enjoy the big day even more.

DO follow this order on the actual day. If you’re having your hair set in rollers, make sure you have this done first. This will give it longer to set while you are having your wedding make-up done, meaning it will last longer throughout the day. Also, make sure the mother of the bride has her hair and wedding make-up done as soon as possible, if not first. She’ll want to be running around organizing things, and on more than one occasion, I’ve seen the M. O. B. run out of time. So get her sorted first, then she can help you with any errands, while still feeling gorgeous and glam.

Wedding Make-Up. Dos and Don’ts - photo 2
wedding make-up

DO Use primer! This is vital for your skin and eyes as it will lock in your wedding  make-up and make it last much longer.

DO Use a foundation that you know and love. Take it with you to your trial. You want your skin to look the way you like it.

DO Give your bridesmaids your lipstick, powder and blusher. These are the three products that might need touching up throughout the day.

The don’ts

DON’T Wear a bra or socks when you’re getting ready! The marks are so hard to get rid of (imagine bra strap marks with a strapless dress)!

DON’T Change your skincare routine too close to the big day. This can cause breakouts and NOBODY wants that!

DON’T Let your wedding make-up artist hijack your big day. Go to the trial with an idea of what you want. Take pictures with you and stick to it.

Wedding Make-Up. Dos and Don’ts - photo 3
wedding make-up

DON’T Go too heavy with your wedding make-up. You want to enhance your natural beauty and look like the best version of yourself. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a mask. Your other half may not recognize you when you reach the bottom of the aisle if you cake your wedding make-up on!

DON’T Go for dark, black or grey eye wedding make-up (unless that’s your thing). Go for bronzes and defined eyes instead. The Bronze Shadow on pages 106–109 is perfect wedding make-up.

DON’T Rush! Your wedding make-up can take 45–90 minutes so make sure you plan it into the schedule (unlike me).

DON’T Follow trends. Although those eyeliner dots under the eyes may seem cool now, you will want to look through your wedding photos forever with admiration, without thinking, ‘why did I do that?’

DON’T Wear too much blusher. You’ll be so excited, nervous and happy that you’ll have a lot of natural colour in your cheeks, so avoid red and deep pink blushers.

DON’T Forget your brows! Have them waxed and tinted a week before the wedding. They frame your face and a groomed brow makes such a difference in photos.

Wedding Make-Up. Dos and Don’ts - photo 4
wedding make-up

DON’T Wear sticky lip gloss! Think about it, first kiss. HUGE photo opportunity. Sticking to your new husband or wife is not ideal! Neither is the stringy lip gloss between the two of you scenario – eurgh!

DON’T Forget to have a glass of Champagne. It’s your special day, relax and enjoy every second!

Top tip

For the evening part of the wedding, pat a touch of glitter into the centre of the eye, and add a deeper lipstick. It’s your biggest party EVER! So why not glam it up?

Your beauty guide for brows, eyes, skin, lips and more by Lisa Potter-Dixon

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