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Wedding Outfits

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wedding outfits
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The wedding is the most unforgettable day in every couple’s life, this is the day when a new family is being created. The wedding day for the bride and groom becomes special. Such a solemn feast is only once in a lifetime, and its happiness lasts a lifetime. That is why brides and grooms try to make this day wonderful and make everything perfect. All celebration should be special and no doubt wedding outfits for couple should be amazing too.

Wedding fashion is rather conservative and almost without big changes – it only slightly adapts to the latest podium trends. It is difficult to identify seasonal trends, and trendy versions tend to lose to classical models, but always have romantic A-line dress, a fairy-tale princess dress with a lush skirt, a seductive wedding along with a silhouette of a “mermaid” or an elegant empire dress. Of course, not only wedding outfits are so important for women. They are essential for men either. Don’t forget about children’s wedding outfits that can be really sweet and cute.

Wedding Outfits - photo 1
wedding outfits.

It is a big choice of wedding outfits

Anyway, women prepare for their wedding much more time than men. So, we will start with wedding outfits for women who want to be a real princess in such an important day.

Each bride has a clear idea of ​​how her perfect wedding dress should look. Search of wedding outfits can take days or even weeks, but the result is always worth the effort. In this case, as a rule, brides are looking for their ideal within a single silhouette, which is not so much. Fashion for wedding outfits does not change for years, canonical silhouettes pass from season to season, without losing relevance and charm. Only a few brides decide on non-standard options – dresses of red color, short-length models or even a waiver of a wedding dress in favor of trouser suit.

Silhouettes of wedding outfits amaze with their variety. From the lush models that depict the image of the Disney princess, to modest “cocktail” silhouettes. At the moment, the most relevant are the following types of wedding dresses.

Ball Gown

Such a festive wedding dress attire draws the image of a princess and turns the ceremony into a fairy tale. Chest and waist can be effectively emphasized by a tightly fitting bodice to the body, and hips, if necessary, covered with a fluffy skirt.

If desired, you can choose a dress with a bodice, decorated with embroidery, rhinestones, lace and other elements. To make it even more magnificent and solemn, the addition is often served by a luxurious train and veil.

Such a silhouette is considered classic, and therefore the most universal. However, quite exactly not so high ladies shouldn’t wear such type.  It not only  visually “steals” a couple of centimeters of height, and also add unnecessary weight, creating the illusion of quadraticity. So, these kinds of wedding outfits are not for everybody.

Wedding Outfits - photo 2
wedding outfits. ball gown

Wedding outfits. Ball gown

Silhouette of a “mermaid”

A characteristic feature of such wedding outfits is a fitted top and a feminine skirt that outlines the tail of a mermaid. This wedding dress looks very elegant, it is able to “draw” rounded feminine hips or just to emphasize them.

The bodice of the dress has only two options (open and closed with straps). The skirt can be made in absolutely different styles: from brocade, tulle, lace. Firstly, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the lucky owners of a figure such as an “hourglass” to this one of the most popular wedding outfits. It will very favorably emphasize this silhouette, add elegance and femininity.

Wedding Outfits - photo 3
wedding outfits. Silhouette of a “mermaid”

Wedding outfits. Silhouette of a “mermaid”

Greek and Empire silhouettes

Greek and Empire types of wedding outfits are the most relevant in this season. Such a fresh approach to choose a wedding dress will make you the most fashionable bride.

A distinctive feature of such wedding outfits made in the Greek style is a loose cut with an overstated waist. This outfit can be decorated with ruffles, folds, accurate embroidery and so on. The material of the Greek silhouette is light, almost weightless: chiffon, satin, silk and others.

Greek and Empire styles of wedding dresses have an unconditional advantage: they are incredibly comfortable. In this dress you can get around all the guests and dance even though the whole evening. Despite the practicality and convenience, it is incredibly feminine, elegant and even able to add a couple of sentiment of height, if necessary. Suitable for any type of figure.

Wedding Outfits - photo 4
wedding outfits. greek style

Wedding outfits. Greek style

A-line wedding dress

A-silhouette resembles a ballroom style, but differs from it with less pomposity. The silhouette of the dress has a narrowed top, and to the bottom it gradually expands (like the letter “A”), for which it received its name. Usually this dress with a tight bodice of various styles and a flowing skirt. Sometimes they are decorated with a train. From the ballroom A-silhouette differs in that here you will not find an infinite number of hoops and brocade. Despite its solemnity, this outfit looks reserved, “in a royal way.” Associations with the crown is not without purpose: it was the A-silhouette that Princess Kate Middleton chose for her marriage.

Wedding outfits of this kind will suit ladies with an elongated silhouette. Incorrectly selected length is able to “steal” a couple of centimeters from the low girls. However, this is the only restriction, because to choose an A-line dress can afford a bride with any type of figure.

Wedding Outfits - photo 5
wedding outfits. A–silhouette

Wedding outfits. A–silhouette

Of course, there are not only standard models. Many brides want to choose something really original and that is why wedding outfits are really extraordinary.

Wedding Outfits - photo 6
wedding outfits. unusual dresses

Wedding outfits. unusual dresses

Wedding outfits are not only dresses but also perfect shoes. As it is known, shoes can make your look more amazing or destroy it. Anyway, if you choose a wonderful wedding dress, you should think about shoes carefully.

Classic shoes are the white shoes for the bride. Model, heel height and decor – a matter of secondary importance. The key moment is the white color. As with the conservative style of the wedding dress, white shoes are an unmistakable choice for brides who do not want to go into experiments.

Wedding Outfits - photo 7
wedding outfits. white wedding shoes

Wedding outfits. White wedding shoes

It is difficult to come up with a more appropriate entourage for shoes embroidered with stones and beads than a wedding 🙂 Even at the most pathos parties and solemn events such shoes do not always look good. But the wedding dress, from which a pair of shiny shoes shines, is the best setting for shiny shoes.

Wedding Outfits - photo 8
Shiny wedding shoes. Wedding outfits.

Shiny wedding shoes. Wedding outfits.

Another detail, which by default falls into the category of wedding outfits, are shoes made of satin / silk / satin. In a word, glossy weave, which is covered with a pair of shoes or sandals, is definitely a wedding detail. Such shoes can not be practical and exists, in fact, exclusively for a few outlets. Black satin shoes – for the evening, and white – for the wedding. Right?

Most often in the role of wedding shoes for women are open boats. Heel should be thin, the height is not less than 5 cm. The spout is pointed. These shoes are always in fashion, they visually reduce the leg, making it more elegant. A high heel makes the girl hold the posture, move in small light steps, and this makes the image of the bride complete.

Very popular is the variation of the model, in which only the toe and heel are made of leather. In these shoes, there is always a strap around the ankle, which looks very nice. Particularly a pendant or a flower near the lock look beautif

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, not all girls can wear high-heeled shoes on the day of marriage. For such ladies, brands offer different types of shoes on tiny heels or even ballet shoes. Such shoes are comfortable, practical, will not let the bride get tired at her own wedding. Do not think that such shoes look less beautiful than models on stiletto heels. Designers invest in them the whole soul, decorate with all available means and create masterpieces! Look such shoes of the bride in the photo and live is very cute, and many photographers are able very skillfully to beat just such a model of shoes.

In the summer in the heat of walking and taking pictures all day in closed shoes will not be comfortable, so girls often choose wedding sandals. This type of footwear allows the skin to breathe, so the legs are less tired. Sandals are on a heel of any height and can have a different decor.

No doubt, that it is usually hard to choose wedding outfit but you shouldn’t forget about accessories that will add amazing look to your wedding outfits.

Wedding veil is one of the indispensable wedding outfits of the bride, in such a responsible and beautiful day as a wedding. Lace veil is classic wedding fashion, gives the bride a unique charm and luxury. Curly veil is this veil has a hard edge edging. Usually the fringing is made of satin or silk ribbon. Modern designers do not limit you only to the classic white veil, because today there is a huge selection of wedding veils in any color suitable for you.

Wedding Outfits - photo 9
wedding veil. wedding outfits

Wedding veil. Wedding outfits

Wedding veil is not the only one accessory that should be with a bride. Some ladies choose wedding gloves and also some can have a small bag that is full with some important things.  Of course, ladies should pay attention to earrings and necklaces. Everything should be stylish and if we talk about accessories, we should remember that the best is not too much.

Wedding Outfits - photo 10
accessories for a bride. wedding outfits.

Accessories for a bride. wedding outfits.

Anyway, not only women should prepare for the wedding but men should pay attention to their look too. Many people when they hear words “wedding salon” have associations with a huge selection of wedding outfits for the bride, but do not forget about the suit for the groom, because the man should look elegant and original also.

Elegant tuxedo is a win option for traditional wedding outfits , it blends perfectly with a snow-white shirt and a dark bow tie. It is worth remembering that the wedding suit should be designed in the same style with the bride’s dress, so it’s best to go on his quest together.

Along with bold wedding images at the peak of popularity there are classical models too for example:

  • a suit with a vest for an aristocratic celebration or a three-piece suit for a classic wedding (double-breasted and single-breasted jackets – as a classic of the genre).
Wedding Outfits - photo 11
classic suit. wedding outfits.

Сlassic suit. Wedding outfits.

Along with the classics there are rebellious ideas in the wedding collections of fashion designers :

  • Pants free cut in combination with a fitted jacket – a new trend that will appeal to extravagant guys or even jeans or shorts instead of trousers – an option for a brave groom and a bright vest + shirt is an alternative top for a summer wedding.
Wedding Outfits - photo 12
wedding outfits. suits

Wedding outfits. suits

Along with the classical colors of wedding costumes (dark blue, gray, black, green), in the new season, eminent couturiers offer guys to pay attention to such palettes:

  • Light brown and beige shades that are suitable for weddings in the summer, spring or autumn.
  • On the fashionable pedestal is a white color that emphasizes the impeccable style of the groom (just make sure that it fits perfectly with the bride’s dress according to the shade, otherwise one of the outfits will seem dirty).
  • Wine shades (in particular, the trendy color of Marsala) is a new trend in the men’s fashion, which has not been left without attention of men all over the world.
  • Lilac and light gray – an excellent choice for a youth wedding in the spring or summer.

The final touch of the wedding outfits for the groom is a tie, a bow-tie or a scarf. Without them, his image seems incomplete. Most often men, without thinking, choose a tie. But what if a butterfly tie or a handkerchief looks better?

Wedding Outfits - photo 13
ties for grooms. wedding outfits.

Ties for grooms. wedding outfits.

To choose worthy shoes for a wedding celebration is difficult not only for the bride, but for the groom also. After all, men’s wedding shoes should ideally match wedding outfits, the time of the year, accessories and the style of the whole wedding.

Recognized classics, a sample of unsurpassed elegance and the best option for any wedding are traditional oxford shoes, the design of which assumes a so-called “closed” lacing (i.e., a lacing that is sewn to the bottom of the shoe).

Wedding Outfits - photo 14
oxford shoes. wedding outfits.

Oxford shoes. wedding outfits.

Brogues is another version of wedding outfits, which is characterized, in the first place, by the perforation, which adorns the entire surface of shoes in the form of a kind of “wing”. Brogues is an option much more controversial than the classic Oxford: the stricter the dress code formal event or wedding, the less likely that the brogue will be an appropriate option for the wedding ensemble.

Wedding Outfits - photo 15
brogues shoes. wedding outfits.

Brogues shoes. Wedding outfits.

Finally, the simplest in terms of, first of all, the design of the wedding shoes are loafers, shoes without lacing. Such shoes are quite comfortable and often is an excellent addition to a casual wardrobe. However, in some cases, loafers are able to supplement and wedding suit – if, of course, choose a model of high-quality leather and without any flashy decorative details.

Wedding Outfits - photo 16
wedding outfits. loafers.

Wedding outfits. loafers.

A bride and a groom are the main guests at the celebration but there are usually cute children who make other guests smile. It is also important to choose right wedding outfits for children too. There are different variants for boys and girls.

Girls can wear nice dresses, usually it is a ball gown style. Of course, usually dresses are of white color. And they have wonderful shoes to such dresses so children’s look is just for celebration. Boys are very cute in different suits and it is especially cute to see them with ties and bow-ties.

Wedding Outfits - photo 17
children at wedding. wedding outfits.

Сhildren at wedding. Wedding outfits.

Of course, now when parents are looking at fashion brands too, they can put on their children really stylish clothes. And so it will be a good variant for those who like extraordinary things preparing wedding outfits.

As you can see, the choice is wide enough, and includes a big variety of types of wedding outfits. Fashion designers are ready to offer options for any purse and taste. In order not to get lost in the assortment, always think about the features of the figure, as well as the practicality and convenience of the model. First of all, during the celebration a bride and a groom should feel comfortable. After all, the bad mood of one of the main people of the triumph will necessarily pass to the guests and spoil the holiday.

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