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Wedding Planning

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Wedding Planning
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The Perfect Wedding Workout

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A little fuzz on your upper lip is no big deal in everyday life, but you don’t want to be able to see it in your wedding photos. To get the best results, start with monthly waxes as soon as possible. The chocolate wax or sugar wax methods are a little less painful. If you have long contemplated permanent hair removal via laser, now is the time to act. Prepare for your honeymoon by having those little hairs removed by laser. To be hair-free requires three treatments with one month between treatments. It takes approximately seven months for permanent results.

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Wedding Planning


Wedding Planning. In my opinion, makeup is important because it draws attention to the bride’s personality, her beauty, and her charms. When planning a wedding, most brides understandably think about the dress first when it comes to their look. But you should also find a good professional makeup artist early, because the good ones are booked months ahead of time. A bride’s makeup should primarily be appropriate for her look. You don’t want something completely different on the day of the wedding. You want to look like yourself and feel comfortable. For instance, if you usually wear bright red lipstick, it should also be part of your bridal makeup. If the bride usually wears little to no makeup, it doesn’t make sense to completely change her look for her wedding, unless she wishes to do so.

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Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning. Most brides prefer subtle, natural-looking makeup. It is the first choice when the dress and hairstyle are very glamorous or elaborate. In this case, dramatic makeup would be too much. But a bride wearing a simple dress and a more casual hairstyle can wear more dramatic makeup to provide contrast. I recommend emphasizing either the eyes or the mouth, but there are not trends for bridal makeup. There are, however, a few basic criteria that apply to every bride, and it is my experience that every woman likes the way they make them look.


Wedding Planning. Brown and pink shades in eye makeup look good on every woman and are perfectly suited to create a subtle expressive look. Adding a highlighter below the eyebrows opens up the eyes. The eyebrows should definitely be emphasized, which makes the eyes even more expressive and more of an eye-catcher in the wedding photos. Waterproof mascara is a must in case those tears of joy begin to fall. I recommend to my clients to only dab at their tears rather than wiping them off.

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Wedding Planning


Wedding Planning. A bride’s face is often covered with too much foundation out of fear that the skin won’t look perfect enough in the wedding photos or won’t be covered well enough all day. If you have some moles or blemishes, cover them beforehand (e.g., with a concealer) and keep the foundation light. Too much foundation settles in wrinkles, which makes you look unnecessarily older. There are some great products by various makeup brands that look light and radiant on the skin. I like to use highlighters on top of blush and on the bridge of the nose to create luster and make the face look fresh and radiant.

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Wedding Planning


Wedding Planning. Use a lip balm in advance to moisturize your lips and make them smooth and soft. I like using lip liner. It makes lipstick last longer and keeps it from bleeding into the small wrinkles around the mouth. Subtle shades of pink or coral look good on any woman and are easier to touch up than bold shades of red. Often a little lip gloss is enough to bring some color and shine to your lips.

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Wedding Planning


Wedding Planning. Eyebrows can make the difference between a positive and negative facial appearance. They shape the face. It is best to lightly trace them with an eyebrow pencil. Eyebrow powder has a more natural effect. There are also amazing eyebrow mascaras that can be used to fix the eyebrows in place. Brides should avoid too much luster and glitter in the face. It makes the complexion look too greasy in photos taken with a strong flash. The risk of makeup mishaps can be largely avoided if the makeup artist responds to the bride’s personality and a rehearsal appointment is scheduled in advance.

Wedding Planning. The maid-of-honor helps with touching up the makeup in-between, at most with powder, lipstick, or gloss. So-called blotter paper that soaks up excess skin oil and a few cotton swabs (in case the makeup does get out of place) should be in your purse. If you have an updo, you should also have a few bobby pins on hand in case this or that strand of hair gets loose. I also recommend a mini hairspray. The makeup appointment is the beginning of an eventful day for every bride. Often, photos are taken during the makeup session.

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Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning. Here are a few tips for creating an awesome set that I have picked up during my work with many different brides over the course of my career:

– To avoid too much excitement and fuss, make sure that only the people closest to you attend your makeup and hair-styling session.

– During her styling appointment, the bride can wear a nice satin robe with the word Bride on the back in rhinestones. To make it even cuter, add some slippers with the word Bride or something similar on the soles. If that is too much, just wear a simple soft white top or dress. I think it’s fun when the bride is dressed in white during her makeup session.

– One bride had a custom perfume bottle created that had hers and her husband’s name on the label.

– The bridal gown can already be hung in the room on a nice wooden—preferably white—hanger, possibly with the word Bride on it.

– Beautiful flowers and candles in the room make for a festive atmosphere. Playing the bride’s favorite music will help lighten up the generally nervous, tense vibe in the room.

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Wedding Planning

– I personally love balloons in pastel colors and think it’s great when there are some in the room during the makeup appointment. Wooden letters spelling out “Mr. & Mrs.” are also a fun idea.

– A chilled bottle of Prosecco in a nice cooler is a must-have, but the makeup artist should not imbibe too much.

In summary, preparation/wedding planning is everything! Good wedding planning prevents unnecessary hassles and lets the big day turn into a relaxed event. For the day after the wedding, I would recommend a cooling eye mask, lots of moisturizing face cream, aspirin, and lots of water.


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