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What Do Women and Men Really Want in Sex?

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Women and men really want in sex?
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Men About Sex

Sex. All people are different. A lot of things distinguish us, for example, age, nationality, religious views and etc., but at the same time, the majority of us dream about the same things: about successful career, strong health, sincere friends, happiness and of course, love. I am sure that each of us wants to build a lasting romantic relationship which will be based on trust, honesty, tenderness, and passion.

Regular intimate life

Even the shyest and modest person in a world cannot live without passion and sex. All people need in sex. It is good not only for the satisfaction of one’s desire but also for a health. It is a fact that a regular intimate life:

  • helps to get rid of depression and insomnia;
  • increases self-esteem;
  • makes the brain work better;
  • trains the cardiovascular system;
  • but one of the main pluses of sex is the fact that a regular intimate life strengthens close relations in the family and emotional intimacy.

Yes, I have no doubts that you will agree with me that if spouses do not have sex at least one time a week, then the situation in the family is not the friendliest. If a man is dissatisfied and irritated, he begins to disrupt anger at others, including children. And it is unlikely that you will receive flowers and gifts from him… so it is very important to understand that sex plays a huge role in the relationship. But what do woman and men really want in sex? In this article, you will find the answer to this “hot” question.
Studies show that the representatives of both sexes dream about the same thing and these desires are not extraordinary at all. You will not believe, but according to an anonymous questionnaire, the majority of men and women prefer a normal sex, full of kisses, touches, passion and tenderness and the most important in sex is a feeling of closeness and affection. Yes, an active and healthy sex life contributes to happiness and satisfaction.

Sex for women and men

By the way, almost 87% of people said that oral sex is also very and very important. According to the results, oral sex is so significant that because of its absence, a lot of people often decide to cheat on their partner or even divorce.
So be caring and attentive to your woman/man and her/her sexual desires and preferences. Often talk with a partner about what you both want. This is a great way to improve your sex life and your relationships in general. Do not be afraid to try something new. Do not forget about romance and tenderness, but at the same time remember that everything is good in moderation. Be unpredictable, sometimes – affectionate, sometimes – even rude… anyway, the most important – be yourself, even in such things like sex.

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