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Women’s Fashion

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women's fashion
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Have you ever had such situation in your life when you turned your head to look at a very beautiful woman? She could have the really incredible look and you were impressed in a pleasant way. If such a lady drew your attention then no doubt she was very fashionable and attractive. Million of women dream to catch the eye of different people especially men. They all ask themselves a question how to do this. And every of them finds their own secret of beauty. Women’s fashion is an art that is actually available for everybody. 

No doubt, how we look plays a very important role. Do you know such a proverb: ” Good clothes open all doors”? It is really true because it is the first impression that people create about each other. Fashion is changing all the time but there are still left some good rules to help us to look amazing in every situation. Especially, it is very interesting to notice all these changes about women’s fashion.

The main thing that can define a fashionable woman is that she always has what she needs for different situations. It means that she has really good basic clothes first of all. Have you ever noticed that some women have not so many clothes but they are all of the good quality and they can have the good combination? These women always look perfect because they have all necessary things. Women’s fashion can be simple but interesting at the same time.

Women’s Fashion - photo 1
A woman in jeans

And now we will describe all basic clothes that should have every woman to be always in fashion. First of all, you should think about places where you need to wear these clothes. What is the most important that can be considered as being fashionable is the right combination of colors of your clothes? You should choose black, white, brown, beige and dark-blue. You may think that it can be too boring but be sure that you can make good combination using these colors. Of course, you can have red colors but you know that you will need more items of clothes to look good. Women’s fashion is not boring as you can see and every day you can look perfect having not so many clothes.

It is recommended to have at least seven dresses. Of course, this number is connected with days of the week but you will never have problems what dress to wear. Try to choose dresses that fit your figure and you feel comfortable in them. They can be of different types whatever you like. Also, don’t forget about skirts but as practice says, it is better and even cheaper to have more dresses than skirts. But it is up to you.

Women’s Fashion - photo 2
Women’s fashion is various

If you don’t like to wear dresses all the time, then trousers and jeans will help you. You have already known what colors you need. You can combinate black trousers with all blouses and T-shirts and moreover, you will look slimmer because of the color. Jeans can be of different type but it is good to have at least three. If you are an office worker, then it will be enough for you to have three trousers. Women’s fashion is also a good sense of what suits you well or what is not your style.

Women’s Fashion - photo 3
A woman in jeans

Don’t forget about wonderful blouses and T-shirts. Try to choose them without many prints and signs. They will make you more problems to combine all your style. It is good to have several classic shirts and some casual T-shirts for different walks and sports events. Women’s fashion can be also not only elegant but sporty too.

Women’s Fashion - photo 4
A woman in a shirt

If it is the cold season, you will need at least two jackets and one good coat will be enough for you. If you like some fur, you can have it as much as you can afford. It will be always the good combination of every style.

Women’s Fashion - photo 5
A woman in a coat

Try not to forget about shoes. As our life is so busy, it is good to need shoes mostly without high heels. Try to choose mostly black ones because they will fit for every look. Some trainers will be wonderful but if you are not a sporty girl, you will need only one pair. Of course, someone pair of high heels for every season will be the good variant. The same situation is with purses and accessories. It is wonderful to have at least two purses for cold and warm weather. Women’s fashion demands a big variety of clothes for every season but it can make your look really exciting if you try a good combination.

As you see, it is not so hard to look always pretty and fashionable. Fashion is not always something new but also those things that make you beautiful. You should remember that it is not necessary to have plenty of clothes but only several but it doesn’t mean that you will lose your beauty. These general rules of women’s fashion can help you but maybe you have something to add?

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