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Zodiac Signs

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The point of view of an independent astrologer
Some people believe in horoscopes, some do not believe in them, thinking that astrology is just a lie. Frankly speaking, I understand their skepticism and mistrust because in our modern world there are a lot of pseudosciences which promise you a happy life and true love if at first, you pay for the services of these “scientists”. I am not going to force you to believe that our zodiac signs have an influence on our characters and destinies. It goes without saying that so many men, so many minds. But from my own experience, I can honestly say that there is some truth in astrology. It is a fact that month influences on ebbs and flows. And it is another fact that a human body consists of water on 75% or so. So How can we reject an idea that the stars and planets do not influence us at all? Of course, only you decide in what to believe, but I suggest you read my description of the zodiac signs and compare my interpretation of your personality (according to your zodiac sign) and your own character. I have no doubts that you will be impressed with the result. So let’s go!


January 20 – February 19
Aquarius is a sign of air and like air, these people are very “airy”, easy-going and vivifying. As a rule, Aquarius is always full of optimism, positive and original, creative ideas. People who were born under this zodiac sign like and appreciate freedom and independence. They are very unstable in their mood, but on the other hand, they dislike changes and try to avoid them. When Aquarius is in a good mood, he/she likes to experiment in all spheres of life (appearance, job, cooking, sexual life). Yes, a lot of things depends on their mood, so if your second-half is Aquarius, you should teach read his/her mind if you do not want scandals and quarrels in your relationship. 🙂 But in love, these people are very dedicated and faithful. As a rule, if they fall in love, they fall in love for a lifetime. I am Aquarius, so from my own experience, I can say that our zodiac sign is full of riddles. I mean that often we do not even know what we want from this life, but at the same time, we always do our best to achieve our goals and dreams.


February 20 – March 20
It is not easy to describe this zodiac sign because people who were born under this star are full of contradictions. Have you ever seen a picture which represents Pisces? On it you can see two fish looking into different directions, which symbolizes a conflict in a person. These people have two sides – strong and weak, white and dark and because of this very often they do not even know what they want. Yes, Pisces react to thoughts and feelings of other people very much and sometimes they forget about their own point of view, trying to please others. They are very kind, responsive and trustful and unfortunately, as a rule, other people use this. My grandmother was born on the 15th of March and I can honestly say that she is the kindest and caring person I have ever met. In spite of their weak side, Pisces are very sincere and I think that this is one of their best qualities.


March 21 – April 19
My mother and grandfather were born under this zodiac sign and I can say with confidence that they are like the twins, because they have almost the same character traits. They are confident, ambitious, initiative, purposeful people with strong and bright personalities. The element of Aries is fire and like fire, sometimes they can be too “burning”, I mean straight, hot-tempered, sometimes even rude when they are in a bad mood. These people consider that everything that does not kill us makes us stronger, so they are not afraid of anything and always ready for blows and tests of fate. In love, Aries is full of passion. If you date with Aries, you can be absolutely sure that you will never be bored with this person.


April 20 – May 20
The element of this zodiac sign is the Earth. Yes, their people are down-to-earth, pragmatic, patient and hard-working. My best friend Anna is Taurus and to tell the truth, it seems to me that I have never met such a reliable and faithful person like she. From her childhood, she has been doing her best to achieve all her dreams and goals and now she has almost everything that she wanted. For these people in the first place is their family, so if your girlfriend/boyfriend was born under this zodiac sign, do not doubt that she/he will become not only a wonderful partner and lover but also a good friend and adviser in everything. For Taurus mutual support and help mean a lot in the relationship.


May 21 – June 20
Gemini has a very strong and independent character. These people are temperamental, cheerful, energetic, sociable, always look at life from a bright, positive side. They try to enjoy every minute of life, easily adapt to any situation. Gemini hates loneliness and monotony. They fall in love very easily, but if they sincerely love someone, they will never betray their second-half and always support he/she even in the most difficult period in life. One of my colleagues was born on the second of June, so from my own experience, I can say that Gemini is very good partners in the work. These people are in a constant search of food for their mind.


June 21 – July 22
Cancer is the most emotional sign among all zodiac signs. Their mood can change in a minute. These people are very frank, initiative, responsive and have a good sense of humor. Cancer is a good psychologist, who is always ready to listen to you, help you and support you in everything that she/he can. They are difficult to deceive but easy to offend. Yes, people who were born under this star are pretty sensitive and vulnerable. In love Cancer is demanding, he/she can’t stand lie and hypocrisy and for these people, intimate part of relationship plays a huge role. Yes, they like sex and diversity in it.


July 23 – August 22
As a rule, these people are the leaders in a collective. They always do their best to achieve their goals, no matter what. For Leo the most important are actions, not words, so they prefer to do, not to speak. People who were born under this zodiac sign never give empty promises and always say what they think and feel. For them, self-realization and self-development are very important. They like attention and flattery. Yes, Leo seeks to be a leader, become a public person and be in the spotlight. These people hate when someone compares theirs with others. In the relationship they are jealous, demanding and devoted. When they love, they are ready to give everything to their partner just to make his/her happy.


August 23 – September 22
These people try to be perfect for themselves and for others. One of the main things in their life is self-development. They always achieve good results in their career and family life. Virgo is a very fair, independent and pleasant person with a kind heart. But like all people, they are not perfect. Sometimes Virgo can be a little bit mercantile and greedy. Yes, for them financial position plays a huge role. In the relationship, these people often look for support, understanding, and care. They do their best to seem strong, but at the same time, they want to be weak, although as a rule, they do not want to admit this.


September 23 – October 22
My husband is Libra, so most likely here you won’t find anything bad about this zodiac sign. 🙂 But if seriously, people who were born under this star are full of determination, independence, and stubbornness. Consistency, reliability, and devotion are the best qualities of this zodiac sign. These people appreciate harmony and comfort. The desire to evaluate, weigh and demand equality makes them difficult partners both in business and in love. From my own experience, I can say that sometimes it is not easy to live with Libra because they are very demanding and pragmatic. For them, such things like pleasant surprises and romance are not very important. They prefer to follow their mind, not their heart.


October 23 – November 21
Scorpio is indispensable in cases where others surrendered. These people are very enduring, deep, strong and purposeful. They are very reserved in their emotions and words, but even in spite of this, you can be sure in them. Yes, Scorpio is a very good, reliable friend, who is always ready to listen to and support in everything. People who were born under this zodiac sign strive to perfection and try to change this life for the better. As a rule, in love, they do not open their heart fast and easy. For them on the first place in the relationship is trust, so if your second-half is Scorpio, always be completely sincere and honest with him/her, because they do not forgive the lie.


November 22 – December 21
The element of this zodiac sign is the fire, so people who were born under this star have a strong character and charisma of the leader. They know what they want from life and as a rule, they always achieve their goals. These people are not shy or modest, they are not afraid to say what they think. Sagittarius is very friendly, open in communication, likes to help people and take care of others. My father is Sagittarius and to tell the truth, I consider him the best father in the world. Yes, in a family life Sagittarius is very loving and caring, full of attention, tenderness, and warmth.


December 22 – January 19
Purposefulness, persistence in difficulties, responsibility are the strong qualities of representatives of this sign. These people are not afraid of loneliness and are ready to overcome all tests and difficulties which life has prepared for them. Capricorn does not open his heart easy, he is very vulnerable and touchy. My aunt is Capricorn and even in spite of her age (she is almost fifty-five years old), she still behaves like a little child. Yes, very often people who were born in this period are very playful and spontaneous, but in a good meaning of these words. In love, their people can be very romantic and caring and in turn, they are waiting for the same from their partner.
If you are interested in zodiac sign compatibility, then the next article is for you. 🙂

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  1. My zodiac sign is Sagittarius . And in my life I focus on horoscopes and the characteristics of other people according to the sign of the zodiac, they help a lot.

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